You’ve got an F1 chassis; what lump do you drop in?

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A few months ago, if you’d have answered: “I’ll take the Renault,” you’d have been laughed out of the paddock.

Today? You just might be the one laughing.

Following the Monaco Grand Prix, at which all three podium/qualifying cars were Renault-powered, the French automaker that nearly exited Formula 1 late last year, is the talk of the pitlane.

Basically, Renault is to engines what Mark Webber is to drivers right now.

And, unlike Webber, who seems so far to be content to sign a better deal with his current team, Red Bull (powered by… well, you know!), Renault is taking its moment in the sun and shining.

Come one, come all, is the message the team gives Autosport:

“We don’t know which teams we will be supplying next year,” said [Renault engine program chief Remi] Taffin. “We certainly have got the capacity to supply more than the two teams we have been doing this year, it’s not a big problem for us.

“Obviously we have to produce a few more engines and get some more people to do the job. As far as getting an engine ready and supplying two teams, it’s then not a big problem to do so for three or four teams with an extra effort.”

According to Autosport, Williams and Lotus, which are putt-putting around with Cosworth’s in the back of their cars, are being “linked” to Renault for the 2011 season.

Of course, next year, when we have a clean sweep of the podium for Cosworth-powered teams — will there be enough of those to fill the podium? — we’ll be having this discussion again. Just different teams and different names involved.


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