3 Million podcast downloads and counting

Back in 2005 I got tired of the trolls and lack of decorum and civility at most Formula 1 forums and websites so I created FBC to be a safe harbor for new and veteran fans alike. Grace came along and we started posting content about F1 and in 2007, we thought we’d give the podcast thing a try. Paul joined us to add an even greater element of professional driver perspective and we were, as they say, off to the races.

It’s been a while but we slowly grew and it was all done with a white hat strategy. No paid links, SEO tricks or other silliness to increase traffic. Just a lot of hard work, hours spent and passion for the sport.

As we’ve grown, our listening and reading community have become such a positive and engaging group. We’ve always said, since 2007, that our podcast should be like two friends having a beer and talking about the sport they love. You’ve joined us at the table for a beer and discussion and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

The original website header from back in 2005…yes, that’s Nick Heidfeld.

After 3 million downloads of our podcast, it is clear to us that there are people out there that enjoy the format and conversation and we are grateful for your support and patronage.

It is a big milestone for us and to be honest, a big number. Three million is something we’re very proud of and while it’s not the biggest podcast or the best, it represents thousands of hours of work on our part and we wouldn’t do any of it if we didn’t think you cared or listened. Clearly you do and we just want to say thank you to all of those who regularly listen each week as we discuss the sport and each race.

From all of us at FBC, thank you. On a personal note, thank you to Grace and Paul for making it all possible, otherwise it would be the sound of one hand clapping and no one wants to listen to me prattle on about the sport.

With 539 episodes of the main podcast and 78 episodes of our Downshift interview series, we’ve put a lot of effort in bringing you fresh content and it would all be pointless if you didn’t listen so THANK YOU!

The second website header we used…back then, people complained about the animated GIF and lights flashing. They had a point.
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Congratulations Todd, Grace, Paul, as well as all the others who have presented or been downshifted over the last 10 years!
3 million downloads is a huge number, and as the FBC snowball grows, the next million milestones will come faster and faster.
Three questions;
1) what was the most downloaded podcast
2) what was the most downloaded downshift
3) when is the Nick Heidfield retrospective downshift (with guest Mark Hallam)?

Negative Camber

I’ll see if I can find those numbers. That’s a good question. Yes, Mark interviewed Nick, that was great. :) Wonder if I can find that.


Cheers Todd, it would be interesting to hear which are the podcast hot hits, if you can find the figures.
There were a couple of Hallam / Heidfield specials – from the annual supporters club dinner (I think), but it would be great if it were possible to have a new ‘life after F1’ Nick, the WEC and Electro Nick interview.

Negative Camber

LOL. I might take a few of the old interviews and dust them off for new listeners who never heard them. they were fun to do. I would imagine the Steve Matchett interviews are among the top downloads for Downshift episodes.


NC, I’ve been listening for a few years now and while I miss the occasional podcast throughout the year, I always try to make sure I get the preview/review race podcasts. I stumbled upon FBC while trying to find something to listen to at work that related to F1 and had more depth to it than watching clips online and reading comments. I appreciate the different aspects of knowledge that you all bring to the table and it has definitely given me some other things to watch during a race than simply looking at the cars go around the track.… Read more »