The TPF F1 Fantasy League

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For the past several years, we’ve always had an internal staff F1 fantasy league going and this year we thought we would expand that competition by creating a league over at I believe this used to be Badger’s or maybe still is and he’s a great guy so this sounded like a lot of fun when Skip Williams reached out to me about it. Thanks Skip!!

If you fancy competing against Grace, Paul and the entire staff at TPF, and you were meaning to become a Patreon supporter but just haven’t gotten around to it, this this is the time to do so because you can take the fight to us on the track.

Once you join as a Patreon supporter, you can see the announcement regarding the fantasy league with instructions on how to join us for 2018.

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I’d been meaning to pledge for some time now. This was a good incentive. Just joined and pledged $10. Keep up the awesome work.


Challenge accepted.