TPF Podcast #566- The Live F1 Season Preview show

Join Paul and me for this very special episode of the TPF Podcast. We hosted out annual F1 Season Preview event at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis Missouri this evening and we thought for this week’s podcast, you might like to listen to the show if you weren’t able to attend it.

We recorded it live and thanks to the fine folks at the museum, we have a mixer to take a direct line-out feed for my recorder. Add some noise reduction and I hope this recording is better than last year’s version.

There were 100 F1 fans at the event and we had a wonderful time. We cover a lot of material so apologies for the length but we do get around to each team and driver. Paul and I share our thoughts about the upcoming season.

YouTube Video:

A HUGE thank you to the Contemporary Art Museum, Alex Londe of Can-Am Cars, Eric Nordstrom and of course my co-host and dear friend Paul Charsley.

Soundcloud Player:

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I’ll look forward to listening to your season preview show, it looks like there is a slideshow that went with the presentation. Is there any chance you could make this available so we could look at that together with the podcast?
Or is there a video version??????


Re: Safety: The thought that you should stop racing to get the ultimate in safety is BS. Life, being as random as it is, is hazardous to your health no matter what you do. I could have a tree fall on me while I’m out for a walk. I could even die in my sleep. I understand that I take my life into my own hands every time I get out of bed, and I refuse to live my life in fear. Ergo, I’ll apply the legal “reasonable man” standard. First thing the reasonable man would do is to make… Read more »


why no video?


Great show guys. Nice to put a face to Paul’s motion pictures, even! I’m really looking forward to this season. Hopefully there will be some great battles up and down the grid. With Mercedes’ baked in advantage with the hybrid engines, I’m hoping driver finesse brings a proper challenge their dominance. I guess we’ll know soon enough if someone can truly beat their pace.

sunny stivala

“Mercedes hybrid engine baked-in advantage” This hamfosi embedded believe very nearly led to a fist fight between a hamfosu and a tifosu during Barcelona testing:- (hamfosu) “Mercedes hybrid is more powerful than the FERRARI hybrid, Mercedes have the equivalent of 5 average elephants pressing down on each piston in race mode plus one elephant tail in qualifying mode”. (tifosu) “FERRARI have the equivalent of 5 average elephants plus one trunk pressing down on each piston in race mode plus 4 balus shaped poop droppings of 10kg each in qualifying mode”. (hamfosu) “the FERRARI engine smokes like a boiling kettle”. (tifosu)… Read more »