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Old Style hoto. Retro Microphone on the table

Running a website takes a lot of time. I’ve never added all that time up but suffice it to say that it’s been 40 hours per week on top of the day job and that’s been since 2005. Unfortunately it takes financial resources as well and that’s never been a huge issue until now.

Humble beginnings

From our humble beginnings as street mimes in Tupelo Mississippi…no, that’s Krusty the Clown. Actually, we started in the middle of America back in 2005 and back then, I was posting stuff to myself. Man was I genius back then! Posting and reading my own drivel. Not soon after posting my first story, a woman named Grace found the website and history was made. 

A Podcast was born

In 2007 we launched our very own podcast aptly named Formula1blog.com Podcast…such ingenuity and marketing creativity the world has never known, no wonder Val Rad in Kansas City never hired me. 

We’ve grown over the years with a 100% white-hat strategy. We’ve never link-baited, posted paid content, engaged in SEO shenanigans of any sort whatsoever. We’ve never done the slightest bit of shameless self promotion or used anyone for any marketing efforts nor have we engaged the myriad of “social media” experts. We’ve done nothing but offer content and conversations with Formula 1 opinion for fans, as fans.

Mr. E & me

A few years ago, I was contacted by FOM about our name and thanks to Mr. Ecclestone personally, we have a formal agreement with them to continue our work promoting their sport to the best of our ability. We’re grateful for their kind consideration. 

Losing our baby fat

In the last several years, our hard work has started to gain more ears and eyes and we’re grateful for that as well. We’ve become one of, if not the, highest and most rated F1 podcasts on iTunes and we have served over 2.5 million downloads of our podcast show.

The fact is, we’re growing up and losing our baby fat and with that growth comes acne and the awkwardness of podcast puberty. Millions of pageviews on the website and podcast hosting have radically increased our need for more server bandwidth and hosting fees. When we were young, our toys were cheap but like anyone who grows older, the price tag gets higher with age. That’s a great problem to have, actually, and we’re very humbled by your enjoyment of our website and podcasts. 


As we’ve grown, we need your help to maintain our current level of content as well as support our march to a bigger, better FBC. We have lots of ideas and plans that can’t launch without your support. Video content on a regular basis, more guests, more content from more locations, features, interviews and more listener engagement.

The short, simple, truth of the matter is, we can’t afford the current rate of growth and future desired growth. That’s as honest as I can be about the situation and we’ve never been in for pretense and braggadocios ways. We’re fans like you who want to engage you and unpack the sport with you. We have never pretended to be professional F1 journalists, they are great folks doing great work, but we’ve always said that we are the fans voice because we’re fans with a voice. 

Two friends having a beer

Our milieu has always been two friends, having a beer discussing F1. We said that back in 2005 and while many newer websites now claim the same mantra, we’ve never said anything different.

First round was on us…

As two fans having a beer, we’ve bought the first round and now we’re asking if you can buy the second round. Is that fair? We hope so and we hope you can help buy the next beer so our wonderful conversation can continue until the last call. 

Click here for our Patreon page in order to support us in our ongoing conversation.



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Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Definitely in for contributing, wanted to say please put the link to this at the front of the page so new visitors can see it!