Absolutely Pathetic! McLaren Is Beyond Deplorable!

I am at a loss for words to describe how infuriated I am as an F1 fan to learn that not only was Ron lying to Max and the FIA about the receipt of stolen data, application of stolen data and amount of stolen data but now we find that they were designing a Ferrari Braking system well after the Coughlan affair to be included on their 2008 challenger.

The quick release, by Mr. Bishop, of an apology to the world after the FIA released their findings (which justified an additional meeting in February) is the right thing to do and I applaud Mr. Bishop for trying to take the high road. It is is not his fault that I should suggest that this apology is not enough. I find Mr. Bishop’s spirit of full disclosure and fessing up quite refreshing and contrary to Ron’s litany of deceit over the 2007 season.

If I were Vodafone, I would remove my support. I know as a consumer I would never buy a product from them as they represent people of very suspect character. If I were Mercedes, I would think long and hard about my relationship and percent ownership of the team. I am bereft of the logic that would justify Ron’s greed, deceit and obdurate position during this entire affair. Many of you claim the FIA hate Rona nd macca; well, they are trying to save macca right now so you should think your upright walking creator that the FIA is not doing what they could do. Also, I really don’t want to hear another Ferrari bash about how Michael parked his car or orchestrated a one, two finish or have the FIA in their pocket right now. You McLaren sycophants need to wake up; the cool aid you’re drinking is laced with blind passion for something that doesn’t exist. If I were Mercedes, I would ask that Ron retire and Martin Whitmarsh take over as head of operations to assuage any further fall-out.

Pathetic. Morally base and bereft of integrity.

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