‘After You, Claude’

David Coulthard has expressed his displeasure with Jenson button.In his ITV column, David Coulthard has expressed his concern with drivers who don’t admit mistakes.  In his most recent collision, Jenson Button has singled DC out as the culprit but David feels that is an error.  He cites his lack of vision through the mirrors as the main reason and suggests not sticking the nose of a car inside if you can’t completely pass him like a man.  Hmmm.  part of F1 is out braking and taking a driver into the corner deep to see who will come out on top.  Admittedly you don’t want to wreck both cars and it seems David is suggesting that you can’t do that to him because he can’t see you.

Fair enough but I am still waiting for the admitted mistake at Spa 1998 David.  :)

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