Alonso To Announce On Monday?

Quoting Spanish newspaper Diario AS, it seems that the rumor is Fernando Alonso will announce his intentions for 2008 this coming Monday. He has been linked to Honda, Red Bull and Renault but in the the story here, the implications seems to be he will not commit to Renault until after knowing what the outcome is from the espionage hearing this Thursday with the WMSC. This is all well and good and to have the luxury of waiting is a benefit few have but I suspect if Renault have a similar penalty as McLaren, Renault may very well pull the plug on their program. While Renault and Ferrari may be able to foot a bill of $100M, it is doubtful, in my opinion, that Renault could.

So where does that leave Fernando? Well, David Coulthard suggests he might take a sabbatical for 2008 so he can sign with Ferrari in 2009. Perhaps that’s the only option for waiting and in the end, is waiting such a good thing? If he is bullish on a one-year deal, then my hunch is 2009 will see Fernando in red and driving alongside a champion for the title. Perhaps Luca may very well have the last laugh. Just wondering how Fernando thinks Kimi is going to be any easier to deal with than Lewis. I doubt the love-fest runs as deep with Ferrari and Kimi as it does with Lewis and Ron but on the track is where Fernando will face the true character of Kimi Raikkonen.

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