Anthony Davidson says; ‘Shut right up’!

Anthony Davidson apparently vented some of his understandable frustration this week according to GMM:

Anthony Davidson tells whining rivals to ‘shut up’ : –

Super Aguri’s dire current situation led to British Formula 1 driver Anthony Davidson, who has probably now raced in Formula One for the last time, venting some of his frustration to reporters at Barcelona.

David Coulthard recently referred to Davidson and team-mate Takuma Sato’s cars as the “stupid Aguris” for frequently getting in the way while they are being lapped.

Davidson said of his complaining rivals: “They can shut right up.”

“When you can hardly see what the hell is going on because the car is shaking around so much, and you’re just fully focused on keeping the damn thing on the track, the last thing you can do is be bothered about others trying to lap you.

“I’d love to swap cars with these drivers. I really believe some of them would struggle, or even crack, if they were in our position.”

Davidson reluctantly referred to his 2008 mount, a mismatched alliance of Honda’s 2007 and 2008 cars, as a “botched job”.

“The team won’t like me for saying that,” he admitted.

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