Australian GP On The Chopping Block?

The Australian Grand PRix could be on the chopping block if they don’t get government support or make it a night race says Mr. Ecclestone.

In what amounts to a hefty shot across the bow of the Australian GP organizers, Mr. E has said that the GP is not good for F1 in that it takes too much money to operate there and the return is not enough. The organizers have to ask themselves, like the USGP organizers, if F1 is a big enough return for them. If not, it could be the end to the Australian GP.

All that being said, many will strike out at Mr. E for being brash and manipulating the government or trying to extort more money but in the end, F1 is a business first, sport second. If the returns aren’t covering the costs with profit to boot; why would anyone want to make that deal? Especially when other countries are clamoring for a race with full government cooperation. That also being said, F1 is an international sport and markets are ripe with viewers. Perhaps losing key single GP’s in certain countries makes sense financially but does it make sense for the manufacturer’s and sponsors? We will see?

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