BREAKING VIDEO: Ecclestone says Concorde Agreement is done deal

According to Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone via CNN, the Concorde Agreement has been signed by all teams until 2020. Here is a transcript:

Bernie Ecclestone: Well, we’ve just got people now all the current teams to sign up until 2020 and hopefully another 10 years after that and then forever.

Amanda Davies, CNN ‘World Sport’ anchor: So is that you saying that everyone has signed the Concorde agreement?

Ecclestone: Everyone is agreed.

Davies: Including Mercedes?

Ecclestone:  You’ll have to wait to see if Mercedes will sign but I’m confident everything will be fine.

Davies: There had been suggestions Mercedes were threatening to pull out of the sport, have those concerns gone away as far as you’re concerned?

Bernie Ecclestone:  Absolutely.


Here is the interview:

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