Cambered Corner – Jonathan Scarallo and Group A Racing

GroupARacing_LogoContinuing the conversation from our previous on the new SCCA Pro Racing US Formula 4 Championship, tonight we speak with Jonathan Scarallo, Team Manager of Group A Racing, about their Formula Lites and new Formula 4 program.  Jonathan has literally grown up at the race track and in the junior formula racing scene, and although he’s currently a team manager, he’s also been a driver in a variety of SCCA formula series as well as the Mazda Road to Indy. Jonathan gives us insight not only into the attraction of the new Formula 4 and Formula Lites programs as a driver, but also into why he and Group A Racing have chosen them as their prefered platform.

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More of these please Doug.


Fall got super crazy for me, but yes, there will be more on the way from a variety of motorsport diciplines.