Cambered Corner – Nigel Cass on racing vintage Formula Fords

Tonight at The Cambered Corner, we speak with someone whom you may remember from the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, vintage open-wheel racer extraordinaire, Nigel Cass of Cass Racing, supported by InventHelp. He has had the opportunity to race at many great tracks and events throughout North America, including at the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve during the weekend of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix!

You can follow Nigel’s motorsport adventures on his Facebook page, Cass Racing.

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More hillclimbing, excellent :)


In the C4 coverage of Hungary, David Coulthard said on several occasions that the idea of drivers being coached over the radio was ridiculous, you couldn’t make a driver faster just by telling them to brake later.
Obviously he had never received instruction from The International Paul Charsley!


Or brake earlier and not overdrive the corners in my case. :