Cambered Corner – Raleigh Boreen and the new SCCA Solo CAM class

For many of us, when we think of autocross, the cars that come to mind are roadster sports cars and hot hatches. The SCCA is changing that and has created a new class for classic American muscle and pony cars called CAM, and it’s bringing new people out to SCCA events in droves. In this episode of The Cambered Corner, we speak with Raleigh Boreen, the Regional Solo Development Manager for the SCCA, about the new CAM class, how it got started, how it’s doing at local and national events, and what the future holds for the class.


CAMChallengeLogo_smallThe 2015 Speedway SCCA CAM Challenge mentioned in this episode will be held at Grissom Aeroplex in Peru, IN on August 7-9. You can register and see the event schedule at, or if you’re in the area, just show up and enjoy all the cool cars and the glorious sound of a big American V8 engine at full song.

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