Cambered Corner — TJ Fischer and Project O2

Hello and welcome to the Cambered Corner; I’m Doug Patterson. Today, I have the great pleasure and honor to speak with ascendant Mazda Road to Indy driver, savvy businessman, and host of the “I Hate Racing Radio” podcast TJ Fischer. TJ last spoke with in an interview with Todd “aka Negative Camber” McCandless as part of the FBC Downshift interview series while he was racing in Formula Renault in Europe back in 2015. Now he’s back stateside and driving for Team Pelfrey in the Mazda Road to Indy’s Pro Mazda series and has finished on the podium in every race so far in 2017.
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TJ is doing more than just driving a car, though. He’s also putting his business acumen to work with his new not-for-profit organization Project O2, a project aimed at raising awareness of the struggles those with asthma face, and providing ways that people can best minimize the impact of asthma through fitness, nutrition, and proper health care.

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This was a great discussion that went in depth to more than just how a driver grows up or gets an opportunity. It’ll be nice if you can have more figures in the sport (all forms of cars and classes) get into tangential topics.


I’m working on it. Hoping for a couple of non-driver interviews to share some truly unique stories soon.