Charsley Gone Mad, Reverse Grids Are Cool!

Some may be surprised that I could be in favour of the idea of reverse grids in Formula 1. I myself was initially resigned to putting it away in my bag of stupid tricks along with such FIA gems as the absurd DRS and double points, but then I started to think of how that would all roll out and how, perhaps, I would use this idea in a slightly different way. So play along with me here (you too Bernie), as this could even bring more $$ to F1.

grid girls


This would now become a very important day and one that would not allow for any sitting in the garage waving to the Cameras. This would, in fact, be the only practice any of the teams get. Also, you will have to break out that reserve driver. So as I said, two sessions during the Friday running, with a 3rd session of the reserve driver and 3rd car only.


This is where it starts to get really interesting and a reason why the attendance should go up on a traditionally low attendance day as we go straight into qualifying to what was P-3.

After qualifying we do indeed go into a ½ distance no pit stop race where the field start from the order of qualifying but in reverse, all (1/2 usual) points will go only towards the Constructors championship and each team must use a reserve driver as well as one of their regulars.

Now before you start screaming at me “what about the budgets man! What about the global downturn! Are you crazy!” Crazy like a fox I say, let’s think a little deeper. We know that there are indeed quite a few drivers on the outside looking in with some good sponsors in tow, but with the limited seats available they may never get the chance to get their foot in the door or the team see any of those Euros. This could be a lease on life for them and I think some of the money could be put back in the team’s pockets (come on Bernie do the right thing) with a growth in attendance at the track and on TV, and therefore income for all!

So we get more action throughout the weekend, a chance for new drivers to show their stuff (some teams could even bring in local national talent for each race) more races to watch and an interesting scenario with the reverse grid forcing passing throughout the race and giving the smaller teams at least a couple of turns at the sharp end, what could be better.


Sunday would return to the traditional format and drivers points now up for grabs.

Let the opinions begin!

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