Coulthard and Häkkinen: Teammates…rivals

When you think about rivals in Formula 1, there are many that come to mind and even within teams, the rivalries of Prost and Senna, Alonso and Hamilton or Webber and Vettel come to mind.

One of the rivalries I enjoyed was the duel between Ferrari and McLaren in the late 90’s early 00’s and I also enjoyed the driving duo of David Coulthard and Mika Häkkinen. While Mika went on the win two titles, beat Michael Schumacher and his teammate, Coulthard, it’s great to see the two of them back together and discussing what it’s like to be in such a team and the relationship they had.

In this special UBS video, the pair discuss their relationship, the strategy of the team and what it like to fight against each other. It’s a fun and good-spirited video that I think you will enjoy. Oh, and I do remember that Monaco race they mentioned too.

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