Dario: Next time, Dixon…

Dario Franchitti and Bruce McLaren were inducted this evening into the IMS hall of fame in Indianapolis. I attended the event with Shell V Power Nitro+ and it was ripe with Indycar legends.

You’d be hard pressed to find more deserving inductees as McLaren’s rich history in motorsport does have a very firm footprint on Indycar as does Dario who has won the Indy 500 three times. 

For me, the moment of the evening was during Dario’s speech when he told Scott Dixon that next time, he’s picking the restaurant which was alluding to the gun-point robbery they both faced while going through a Taco Bell drive-through Sunday evening in Indianapolis. The two teens were arrested and the two drivers are safe but it was a funny moment.

Scott Dixon retaliated by saying that the last time he won, his teammate, the late Dan Wheldon, took him to a posh restaurant and yet the Scottsman took him to Taco Bell. Apparently he has short arms the man from New Zealand said.  

A great evening and terrific event honoring two very deserved drivers. 

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Todd, great story but, that is the ultimate faux pas!
You Yankees have no idea how insulting it is to call a Kiwi ‘Australian’.
If you see Scott Dixon at Indy, don’t even try to apologise, just RUN! Otherwise who knows where that milk bottle might go :-)

Tom Firth

You might want to put an apology in your next podcast (when far enough away from Dixon or any Kiwi)

In the meantime, his advice of RUN! is the best advice :-)

Negative Camber

You’re absolutely right, he’s a Kiwi. Not sure why I was thinking Australian, maybe too much Ricciardo in my head. I knew Scott was Kiwi, one of my favorite musicians is Kiwi. Neil Finn. Good grief. Thanks for the catch.


No worries Todd, hopefully Scott will understand and there will be no unseemly retribution :-)
To redeem yourself, if you get the chance to talk to Will Power, ask him how are things are back in Austria.


Scott Dixon is not Australian, he’s from New Zealand


Dario, a Scotsman to the last.


Yes, there seems to be a lot to admire about MacFrancitti, amazingly successful driver, and more importantly a massive petrolhead. He wrote a regular feature for EVO magazine and his life seems to be all about acquiring, modifying and driving exotic cars. So spending his money where it matters rather than frittering it away on necessities.