Dave Richards Endorses Middle East Impact On F1

Dave Richards, owner of ProDrive and 50% stake holder in Aston Martin, has shared his feelings on the Middle East impact on F1.

Interestingly, Dave feels that the single track per country or region is going away. He mentions that the Middle East will have six(6) tracks by next year. This brings up a question as to what could be expected from a race schedule that included 2, 3, 5 races in the Middle east. does that sound logical? Well, if the Middle EAst is ripe with the kinds of cash that FOM demands to host a race and they have the facilities that are to spec with the FOM’s demands, they very may be the racing epi-center of F1 in the future. That being said, it is also fair to mention that Dave Richards has a partner at Aston Martin; Investment Dar from the Middle East. ;)

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