Did Hamilton have enough Fuel?

The FIA has spoken on the issue of stopping cars on track after qualifying due to low or not enough fuel. The rule is that the teams must have a liter of fuel left after qualifying to test and that measure may have been put to the test in Spain today.

After securing a pole position for the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday, Lewis Hamilton was instructed to stop his car on track during the in-lap. McLaren state that Hamilton had 1.3 liters of fuel on board and Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz has suggested that the team really needed 1.5 liters to get back to the pit lane thus, they instructed Hamilton to stop on track.

Kravitz says that McLaren have offered a force majuere  situation as the reason for Hamilton using more fuel than they expected and according to Kravitz, they will argue this before the FIA. It was a terrific pole lap by Hamilton and one would hate to see any repercussions due to the fuel incident but on the other hand, a team should have enough fuel to make it back to the pit lane and if they don’t, they have an unfair advantage against other teams in a lighter than functional fuel load reducing weight and increasing speed.

What do you think? Should McLaren be penalized? If they can prove that it was a case of force majuere, perhaps there is no reason to be concerned but then how many other teams will claim similar issues or reproduce situations that could be construed as foce majuere?  PErhaps much ado about nothing but having secured pole with the lightest guel load on the grid does give reason for pause for those who are not particular fans of McLaren. LEt us know what you think in the comment section below.

And this just in from AUTOSPORT quoting team boss Martin Whitmarsh:

“It is a technical problem that happened in the garage that didn’t impede the performance of the car in anyway, and we stopped the car when it had 1.3-litres of fuel in the car,” said Whitmarsh.

“There was a technical problem that led to that situation. I think it is not for me to decide; but I would believe that to be a force majeure but it is up to the stewards to decide.”

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