European GP Sold Out!

If there were any doubt that Fernando Alonso has had an immense impact on bringing F1 to the forefront of the Spanish people, this should put all those doubts to rest.

After selling 112,000+ tickets for this years European Grand Prix in Valencia Spain, the organizers must surely be proud of the their association with Mr. Ecclestone and Formula One Management. The stakes are high and the cost of hosting a Grand Prix is enormous but perhaps Spain can show the rest of the world how to be a fan of F1, host a race and be profitable all at the same time; a gambit that has eluded many nations including America, United Kingdom, Australia and France to name a few.

Interestingly enough, 40% of the tickets were sold abroad leaving 60% for Spanish fans. The idea that Spain is easier to access for fans from Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Britain and other nations is not lost on me. I get it; but it also means that perhaps North America could look to some of the pull strategy involved with a Brazilian, Mexican, Us and Canadian Grand Prix. Grouped together for a North/South American tour could be good for manufacturers as their goods are very prominent in this hemisphere. Just spit-balling here but it would be nice to see F1 gain a new resurgence in this part of the world and share the opptomism and initial success that Valencia, and in a broader sense, Spain has had.

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