F1 considers point for fastest lap in 2019

A point for the fastest lap? They used to do it back in the 50’s and now they are set to vote on the measure and introduce it immediately for the 2019 season.

I’m unclear on how this came about or why it is being ushered in on hot rails for 2019 but I’d be interested in hearing the logic behind the imitative. As Autosport points out, since 2000, the only title that would have been impacted with this point addition would be the 2008 season and Felipe Massa would be champion instead of Lewis Hamilton.

I can see where top teams will make a dash for it because it could mean the difference between winning a title and not if the points are close. I’ve also heard calls for a point to be awarded for pole position but in either case, the points will favor the top runners and do so consistently.

I’d also like to know who is pushing this concept. If I were Ferrari and my car was there or thereabouts with Mercedes, I wouldn’t want this additional point for fast lap. It would give Merc and advantage. If we were going to add a point for fast lap, I would do it when the overall regulations are changed in 2021.

This seems very “last-minute” to me and I think it should wait for a complete change so as not to impact the performance results of the current regulation set. That won’t be a popular position, I know, but it is how I feel about it.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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I think the point award for fastest lap could introduce some interesting strategic choices. It might encourage teams to run a strategy where they finish the race on the the fastest tires, soft c1’s or is it purple stripped C5’s. Whatever, at least Martin Brundle will be there to explain the donkey kicking tire choice configurations.


It adds a gimmick element to the races and the championships. There’s a lot of trick crap they could do but its a bad idea. It potentially skews the points championships The cars and technology are complex as hell. They should leave the on track business to driver skill, car performance and luck.

Fast Freddy

Why not just add in all those bonus points like NASCAR does? In the past you had guys winning the championship and they won very few races.