F1 Timeline – this week in #F1

Another weekend without F1, but like last week, the teams, drivers and media have been preoccupied with the Olympics, holidays, oh and a paper version of the Lotus E20. Here’s what’s been happening on Twitter this week…

What the drivers have been saying:

Like many others, Heikki Kovalainen has been watching the Olympics this week, and in particular, Usain Bolt’s victory in the 100m sprint:

@H_Kovalainen: I think other guys gonna struggle to beat Bolt cos he’s so tall – his stride is just too long!

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton was busy swimming in the sea:

@LewisHamilton: Swam 3.6km yesterday in the sea, from island to island against current. Today’s rest day & relaxing in the sun. Blessed

Later that day he was “chilling” with Nicole:

@LewisHamilton: How are you? Me & @NicoleScherzy just chilling…want a pic? Mmm…let me think about it lol

@LewisHamilton: Me & @nicolescherzy…don’t know where she got these from but she wanted to rock them. Love to all the fans http://instagr.am/p/N_id2hr034/

On Monday night, Charles Pic went out for dinner and had a lovely view to admire:

@Charles_Pic1: Hello Everybody ! Tonight i am having a nice dinner on the sea :D Look at this view :) http://yfrog.com/klzxdcngj

Fernando Alonso was looking happy in this photo:

@alo_oficial: A cenar!! Estos son los últimos días de bici, luego llegarán las vacaciones y el descanso..Buenas noches!! #amígdalas http://pic.twitter.com/wcvjgoUf

Hamilton wasn’t in London for the Olympics, but he was watching it on TV in Grenada:

@LewisHamilton: Both teamGB & teamGrenada have made done us proud. Didn’t get to go see the Olympics but grateful I get to celebrate it here! Will take pics

On Tuesday, Narain Karthikeyan was shredding tyres:

@narainracing: This what shredding tyres actually looks likehttp://yfrog.com/nvn3kgij

Jenson Button was watching the Olympic Triathlon:

@JensonButton: Go GB Triathlon team! Just over 10mins to go before all hell breaks loose in the Serpentine… Enjoy the moment lads. #Triathlon

Kovalainen was busy training:

@H_Kovalainen: Cycling and power work today, also I ordered new road bike, brand new Pinarello coming mid September!!

Mark Webber was proud of fellow Australian Anna Meares after she won gold in the velodrome on Tuesday:

@AussieGrit: I’m so bloody proud of @AnnaMeares Superb stuff.

Kovalainen enjoyed the day’s sporting events:

@H_Kovalainen: Great day in Olympics today – Finland got first medal, and great high jumping comp just going on. Also cycling was good today, Brits on form

Paul di Resta had this to say about Chris Hoy:

@pauldirestaf1: Massive strength by @chrishoy today. Very proud to see our most successful Olympian in action. #masteratwork

Alonso was off on holiday on Wednesday:

@alo_oficial: Some days to relax now! Recharge batteries and arrive 100% to the Belgian GP ..! Enjoy and see you soon!!! http://pic.twitter.com/c8YjsEJV

Webber had a warm welcome home on Friday:

@AussieGrit: Without fail he welcomes me home getting out of the car. #legend #loyal #teamate http://twitpic.com/ahntzp

Button went for a run. (Apologies, but I can’t actually post this photo below – ladies, I do however advise you to click on the link!):

@JensonButton: Here’s another one! Just finished the swim and now running to my 2 wheeled machine!! :) http://lockerz.com/s/233283393

On Saturday, Kamui Kobayashi went to the supermarket:

@kamui_kobayashi: これあかん!! http://pic.twitter.com/warQcPUt

Webber was at the Olympic stadium on Saturday night:

@AussieGrit: Yep that was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, in the Olympic Stadium when Mo Farah nailed the 5k. #52seclastlap #85kfans :)))

Kobayashi has been out fishing today:

@kamui_kobayashi: let’s one more fishing!! http://instagr.am/p/OHZOk_w7mx/

What the teams have been saying:

Williams were talking weddings on Monday:

@WilliamsF1Team: So the race team are all off on holidays / getting married / staying at home….. what is everyone else doing to fill the #F1 void??

@WilliamsF1Team: Congratulations to everyone who is / has / getting / just got married! #SummerBreakWeddings #F1

They were off on a summer vacation later in the week:

@WilliamsF1Team: Any guesses where we’re all heading in a couple of days??! #F1

@NataliePinkham: @WilliamsF1Team Mmmm could it start with V and end in A? And have ENEZUEL in the middle?

@WilliamsF1Team: So we’re leaving on a jet plane!! and heading back to Venezuela with @pastormaldo – hope all his fans are ready to see him!! #F1

Meanwhile, some of the team were left behind:

@WilliamsF1Team: One great thing about being based in @williamsf1cc this week is I have to walk by Villeneuve’s FW19 every time I get a glass of water!

@WilliamsF1Team: My route to the kitchen today! @williamsf1cc http://twitpic.com/aggy1v

McLaren were inspired by the Olympics:

@TheFifthDriver: Inspirational wkend of sport at the London 2012 Games! Got us thinking, which McLaren driver (past or present) has inspired you? #JustForFun

@TheFifthDriver: Yesterday we asked you which McLaren driver most inspired you. This man came out on top – a true inspiration:http://pic.twitter.com/eL008ndC

Lotus were passing the summer break by taking the E20 papercraft with them wherever they went:

@Lotus_F1Team: Managing tyres properly is key to strong race performances this season… ;) #F1 #E20papercraft http://pic.twitter.com/DoEvVsyN

@Lotus_F1Team: Even the E20 deserves a break… Sunglasses, check. Sun cream, check. Let’s go to the beach. #E20papercraft http://pic.twitter.com/HwWA9WTQ

@Lotus_F1Team: Talking about the #E20papercraft, we keep receiving very nice pictures, our favourite so far is this one! http://pic.twitter.com/H3H7pC25

What the media have been saying:

Sky’s Natalie Pinkham has been gripped by Olympic fever this week:

@NataliePinkham: Gripped by Olympic sailing fever, I have invested in a boat.http://pic.twitter.com/nS13V4h0

She then shared a photo of some cute otter pups:

@NataliePinkham: “@EmergencyPuppy: A romp of otter pups.http://pic.twitter.com/Txw2KnEU” don’t even try to tell me you don’t find these cute

Will Buxton was in Ibiza this week with Jaime Alguersuari:

@willbuxton: In the studio as @SQUIREMUSIC @ibizaradio is about to go on air. FEVER. @ Ibiza Global Radio http://instagr.am/p/OAIoBvGEvD/

On Tuesday, the BBC and Sky teams were watching the Olympic dressage, featuring a German horse called Damon Hill:

@NataliePinkham: Damon Hill is competing in the Olympic dressage right now

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Awaiting the final British dressage rider in the arena. German horse just leaving was called Damon Hill!

@CroftyF1: Team GB win Gold in the Horse Dancing, don’t understand it, but it’s another Gold so you have to love it :) Hard luck on Damon Hill though

@SimonLazenbySky: Just had word with Damon Hill about his dressage skills. I knew he was upto something in august but not that.

Jennie Gow had a baby named after her recently – can you guess what it was called:

@JennieGow: So my best friend had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago – she’s (sort of) named it in honour of me – anyone guess the name? (not Jennie!;)

@JennieGow: “@MrMikeSpencer: @JennieGow (going with the rain theme) Noah?” First past the post. Well done Mike! Correct answer is Noah! Rain the theme!

A bit like me, Natalie Pinkham was inspired by the Olympics:

@NataliePinkham: Katie Taylor and Nicola Adams you are trailblazers and an inspiration to girls all over the world ….right, I’m off to the gym.

Jake Humphrey was busy working with the BBC on their Olympic coverage:

@mrjakehumphrey: Bolt’s not done bad has he? 2 gold medals for less than 30 seconds work…I’ve hardly left the place the last 2 weeks and I’ve won diddly..!

Apparently, F1 reporters (and indeed the teams and drivers) are ageing rather rapidly:

@NataliePinkham: Just read that a long haul flight ages you EIGHT days. Eight days!? I’ll be collecting my pension by November.

David Croft was at the Olympic stadium on Friday:

@CroftyF1: Just a teeny bit excited so we got to our seats quite early :)http://twitpic.com/ahrce9


Rachel Brookes was off to the Aquatics Centre on Saturday:

@RachelBrookesTV: Yey! @TomDaley1994 has qualified for 10m semi finals tomorrow morning and I have bought a ticket from a friend who can’t go! Can’t wait!

Martin Brundle was impressed by Mo Farah:

@MBrundleF1: Where does that little Mo Farah fella store all his energy? There’s nothing to him. What a truly great sportsman and a lovely guy.

Allan McNish found an interesting signpost on Saturday:

@AllanMcNish: Have to say the sign was correct! http://pic.twitter.com/VSAGbsZW

What everyone else has been saying:

Shell were suffering from F1 withdrawal symptoms on Monday:

@ShellMotorsport: One whole month without a Formula One GP – anyone else getting withdrawal symptoms?

Kovalainen’s girlfriend lost her luggage this week:

@KataHyde: The lady put the wrong tag on my bag at GVA yesterday and said she’d get it back and change it. I was worried when the man came to tell me..

@KataHyde: before takeoff they couldn’t find it and am now more worried that they are still trying to trace it! I hope I get it soon, I need my stuff!!

@KataHyde: Really hope @Finnair finds my luggage today. I’m having to wear some of @H_Kovalainen jeans (real boyfriend jeans)!

GP3’s Alice Powell was at the Olympic Stadium on Friday:

@alicepowell: Just got into the Stadium! Here is me with my sister @elliempowell and my dad:-) @TeamGB ! http://pic.twitter.com/zJRj20Pv

Fake Charlie Whiting was fed up with the lack of F1:

@charlie_whiting: I am genuinely fed up with the lack of #F1 races on August weekends. It feels like February only warmer.

Nick Heidfeld’s Twitter account was verified yesterday:

@NickHeidfeld: it`s really me I knew it! twitter verified it

Finally, photographer Andy Hone was proud of Mo Farah:

@andyhone: Mo Farah did all of that during Ramadan. Makes it all the more impressive. x2 Olympic Gold. @TeamGB @Mo_Farah

That’s it for this week. Join me again next week for more from the teams, drivers and media during the summer break…

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