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A trip down memory lane, some pasta, and Felix Baumgartner’s fall from the edge of space are just some of the things the teams, drivers and F1 media have been tweeting about this week. This is F1 Timeline…

What the drivers have been saying: 

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa travelled back from Korea together – here’s a photo from the airport:

@Felipe1Massa: “@alo_oficial e eu a caminho de casa !!! Me and @alo_oficial on the way home !! pic.twitter.com/qlEuuxiQ

On Sunday night, Mark Webber was watching Felix Baumgartner fall from the edge of space:

@AussieGrit: Watching Redbull Stratos AMAZING stuff…. Get on line now…. #FelixBaumgartner

Heikki Kovalainen was off to Abu Dhabi on Monday:

@H_Kovalainen: Flying to Abu Dhabi tonight, spending next week there training hard. Got my bike with me so going to cycle around the race track!

On Tuesday, Jenson Button paid tribute to Dan Wheldon:

@JensonButton: A year ago today the world lost a true Champion and a great human being.. Can’t believe it’s been a year. #WewillneverforgetLionheartDan.

Felipe Massa was confirmed at Ferrari, here’s what the Brazilian, and Fernando Alonso had to say about the news:

@alo_oficial: I am so happy to continue another year with @Felipe1Massa as a teammate! I’m sure we are the best team! #ForzaFerrari

@Felipe1Massa: I would like to thank all the fans and friends for the tweets of support, thank you all of the deep of my heart!!

On Wednesday, Kovalainen ran 15 laps of the Yas circuit:

@H_Kovalainen: Legs feeling good even after 15 laps at Yas race circuit last night. It was incredible how many people were out the cycling and running…

Button posted the following on Wednesday:


@JensonButton: Sorry @AussieGrit!

@AussieGrit: O dear the memories hey boys. Even with my amazing pose, you boys were happy to sit on my wheel all week #2001 @JensonButton @mikeycollier

@JensonButton: @AussieGrit @mikeycollier How times have changed!!

@AussieGrit: @JensonButton @mikeycollier don’t think so matey, us two doing all the work, and Mikey is still just working on his guns,nothing’s changed

@mikeycollier: @JensonButton @AussieGrit its Webber’s hip-shift-hand-on-hip look that I like the most! Good work boys – great bike kit…not

Daniel Ricciardo’s been suffering with jetlag this week:

@danielricciardo: Funny hearing all the F1 paddocks jetlag issues… Yep makes me guilty too. Although there is something harmonic about being awake at 4am

Jenson was at the MTC on Thursday:

@JensonButton: Morning Woking!! Night flight from Hong Kong now arriving at the MTC for simulator work and maybe a little check up on next years car ;-)

@JensonButton: Just like Tooned!! I’ll try and find Prof for you today! ;) RT@SazzyMCH: @JensonButton please tell us the MTC is just like Tooned ;)

Alonso’s working on making Twitter better for his fans:

@alo_oficial: I’ve been thinking how to improve information u receive here on twitter…and.. I am preparing something big. You will enjoy #TwitterAlo2.0

Friday was Heikki Kovalainen’s birthday:

@realTimoGlock: @H_Kovalainen happy birthday mate enjoy your day! See you in India hope for a little fight on track again

@H_Kovalainen: “@tonyfernandes: Big day for my favourite Finn. Happy birthday Heikki RT @riadasmat: Happy birthday @H_Kovalainen !” Thanks Boss!

Ricciardo was training on Friday:

@danielricciardo: A good two days here on the sim. And today a bit of work in the gym to get the rig prepared for India #maintenance pic.twitter.com/EmSYlFUs

Alonso made some pasta for lunch:

@alo_oficial: Hora de comer… Lunch time… pic.twitter.com/HNtENmFj

@alo_oficial: “@Krustylicious: @alo_oficial that looks really nice!!! Did you make it?” Of course, pasta it’s perfect because its the easiest thing to do

Red Bull have won so many trophies, they needed to buy an new cabinet after Korea:

@AussieGrit: New trophy cabinet at work. #Redbull http://twitpic.com/b5jcmb

It really has been a trip down memory lane for Button this week:

@JensonButton: Getting reaquainted with my old kart. Such special memories RT@thespartnership: Trip down memory lane 4 @JensonButton pic.twitter.com/As8mEl6j

Today is Button’s girlfriend’s birthday:

@JensonButton: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jessybondgirl!! X

What the teams have been saying:

Mercedes shared this photo from Korea on Monday:

@MercedesAMGF1: Nico with @mbrundlef1 on the grid in #korea http://instagr.am/p/QzjoBqqEBH/

Lotus shared a Photoshopped image of Felix Baumgartner’s fall from the edge of space:

@Lotus_F1Team: If Felix can do it, then Kimi can do it better… We saw this and laughed! #amazingkimi (p.s. very well done #Felix..) pic.twitter.com/TYZJVAid

Wednesday was Kimi’s birthday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Morning everyone! BIG day today; that’s right! It’s Kimi’s birthday! We’ve got an exclusive quote from our Iceman archive… #HappyBdayKimi

@Lotus_F1Team: #HappyBdayKimi! How are you feeling? KR: “We have cake & balloons so it should be a good day. Let’s see what we can do”pic.twitter.com/oOINlrZf

Williams were busy on track at Silverstone:

@WilliamsF1Team: Very soon @Susie_Wolff will be getting her first taste of #F1 action in the FW33 #speedysue #WilliamsPartnerDay pic.twitter.com/mtH5xYxq

@WilliamsF1Team: Lots of media interest as @Susie_Wolff gets in the car #WilliamsPartnerDay pic.twitter.com/GCi0UJtz

McLaren received a helping hand from Sky’s Georgie Thompson on Thursday in their paint shop:

@TheFifthDriver: Dressed for the part: @OfficiallyGT gets her hands dirty painting one of our F1 cars today! @AzkoNobel pic.twitter.com/U22khjzR

@TheFifthDriver: Hmm, which colour to pick?! @OfficiallyGT mixes the @AzkoNobel paint before she gets to work on one of our cars! pic.twitter.com/k8El9InY

@TheFifthDriver: Ah thanks for the note @OfficiallyGT. Glad you enjoyed the @AzkoNobel painting experience at MTC yesterday!! pic.twitter.com/kJTodnhI

Caterham had a birthday message for Heikki on Friday:

@MyCaterhamF1: Go on and send @H_Kovalainen your birthday wishes – 31 today! Happy Birthday Heikki

What the media have been saying:

After the race, the media were watching Felix Baumgartner’s fall from the edge of space:

@mrjakehumphrey: Checked into our airport hotel in Seoul, in my room watching a man about to drop out of a baloon LIVE from space – WOW!

@MBrundleF1: Well impressed with crazy Felix Baumgartner. Remember daring myself to jump last 3 stairs instead of 2 as a kid. He must have felt amazing

@AllanMcNish: Stayed up to watch Felix Baumgartner jump out of a capsule at 39 kms up, I would hate the sight of the earth come at me at 834mph!

Natalie Pinkham had a birthday message for Bruno Senna:

@NataliePinkham: Happy Birthday to @BSenna ….with long haul flights today you can make your bday last across two continents and 36 hours. Enjoy : )

Autosport’s Jon Noble was thinking of Dan Wheldon on Tuesday:

@NobleF1: One year on, thinking of #lionheart today. RIP Dan Wheldon.

The BBC’s Andrew Benson was with Williams at Silverstone on Wednesday:

@andrewbensonf1: At a Williams day at Silverstone. Here is @BSenna in Rosberg’s 1982 title winning FW08 pic.twitter.com/KLr2g3U9

@andrewbensonf1: Why the media are here – Williams development driver Susie Wolff in last year’s car pic.twitter.com/MnwxGLx0

Natalie Pinkham was suffering from jetlag:

@NataliePinkham: #Jetlag is a feisty feral cat + I’m a battle-worn moth-eaten mouse. He is just toying with me now because he can. NB: could be sleeptalking

Like Lotus, she had a Photoshopped image from Felix’s jump:

@NataliePinkham: Amazing who you meet up there pic.twitter.com/Mzibt2UC

Georgie Thompson was wondering if McLaren’s paint shop boys would decorate her house for her:

@OfficiallyGT: This morning I am off to McLaren to see the boys in the paint shop at work. Do you think if I ask nicely they’ll come and do my house?

@OfficiallyGT: It’s still there McLaren boys. Introducing the arm that was airbrushed by the paint shop team at MTC! pic.twitter.com/wMio1RfN

@AllanMcNish: @OfficiallyGT show some commitment and get it tattooed! (-:

F1 Racing’s new editor had some breaking news on Friday:

@Rowlinson_F1R: BREAKING NEWS re LondonGP: Race that was never going to happen is apparently never going to happen.

Adam Hay-Nicholls was at the GP2 Awards ceremony:

@AdamHayNicholls: At the GP2 Awards in Paris tonight. @EstebanGtz picked up some silverware with his crew pic.twitter.com/iNQbtjlA

What everyone else has been saying:

@riadasmat: Which one would you want? http://instagr.am/p/Q9ktpbPnRd/

Today is Kovalainen’s girlfriend’s birthday:

@KataHyde: I share my birthday with 2 beautiful ladies, so Happy Birthday to @arnidaroselay & @jessybondgirl, have a great day girls xoxo

That’s it for this week, join me next week for more from the teams, drivers and media in India.

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