F1 Timeline – this week in #F1 – the Abu Dhabi GP

It’s been a busy week in the world of F1 social media as the teams, drivers and media left India for Abu Dhabi. If you haven’t had time to keep up with everything they have had to say, then here are the best tweets from this week…

What the drivers have been saying:

Ever wondered how the drivers switch from one time zone to the other? Here’s how:

@alo_oficial: Finishing packing and go to Abu Dhabi..! This is my life at the moment when I look at the clock ..! #TimeConfuse ;)) pic.twitter.com/vDWMkrG1

Daniel Ricciardo had the morning off on Tuesday and spent it by the pool:

@danielricciardo: A nice morning off by the pool pic.twitter.com/uvckeUVr

He was walking the track on Thursday:

@danielricciardo: Driving under the hotel is always a bit fun #abudhabi pic.twitter.com/SVouFuPV

Lewis Hamilton is back on Twitter:

@LewisHamilton: Here’s me leading the #ReebokCrossfit Challenge in Dubai, loved it pic.twitter.com/GZbABoFm

@LewisHamilton: Great turnout, so good to catch up with fans pic.twitter.com/iYyBV0wG

Nico Rosberg was busy preparing himself before quali:

@nico_rosberg: Pre-driving warm up pic.twitter.com/HYBfjZlK

JB said this after qualifying:

@JensonButton: Congrats Lewis on Pole, not a good quali 4 me today but have just been promoted to 5th! All 2 play 4 tomorrow @DaveRobsonF1 & @Tom_Stallard!

Heikki Kovalainen said this after the race:

@H_Kovalainen: Very happy for Kimi retuning to winnings ways, what a comeback season he’s had! Well done! My race was good, every lap qualifying, max attak

Fernando Alonso won’t give up until he reaches his goal:

@alo_oficial: A samurai work without hesitation, without the fatigue confess or the slightest discouragement until complete the goal pic.twitter.com/M0hmbgPr

What the teams have been saying:

Lotus had BIG news on Monday:

@Lotus_F1Team: #HolyCow! If you thought the Indian GP was exciting [ahem] you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Big #F1 news coming up; you won’t want to miss this!

@Lotus_F1Team: One team, one commitment; @Lotus_F1Team and Kimi #Raikkonen reveal all… check out this exclusive #F1 video #Kimi2013 http://youtu.be/feXakb2pn4U

Mini Kimi was exploring Abu Dhabi on Tuesday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Exploring Abu Dhabi… #minikimi #abudhabi #lotusf1team http://instagr.am/p/RZ1UNZLkwD/

They were walking the track on Thursday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Two track walkers entering the #TrackWalk from the underpass pit exit pic.twitter.com/iDILbAVn

@Lotus_F1Team: In Abu Dhabi, even the #TrackWalk gets a flypast pic.twitter.com/eufHcJEm

@Lotus_F1Team: Big engineer contemplation of the inside turn 13 kerb pimple #TrackWalk pic.twitter.com/kZCZ2wKs

@Lotus_F1Team: Turn 17 is a 90 right in front of the local youth hostel #TrackWalk pic.twitter.com/VMf48lmY

@Lotus_F1Team: #MiniKimi regrets his decision to start the #TrackWalk pic.twitter.com/xTV0GN4b

Williams were also on a walk of the track:

@WilliamsF1Team: T12 & 13 – big bumps on kerbs to watch out for #WilliamsTrackWalk pic.twitter.com/kN1253Tf

Here’s Lotus’ hashtag for the weekend:

@Lotus_F1Team: Time’s up! We have a clear winner… the @Lotus_F1Team Abu Dhabi GP hashtag is… #AbuDhabiDoo Thanks for helping us choose guys! #GreatFans

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton was also on a track walk, with David Coulthard:

@TheFifthDriver: A trackside interview with @lewishamilton and @therealdcf1 – catch the feature on Saturday’s show! pic.twitter.com/1JLHGG2h

Caterham took a photo of a photographer:

@MyCaterhamF1: F1 snapper and top man @Peterjfoxf1 who was photographing @H_Kovalainen today for an @GPImag feature pic.twitter.com/mKTJARhj

How about this for a view:

@Lotus_F1Team: And when The Viceroy Hotel lights up, it looks a little something like this… Our view. Beautiful #AbuDhabiDoo pic.twitter.com/Uzcn47f4

Jenson Button was interviewed with the same backdrop on Thursday:

@TheFifthDriver: Nice backdrop! @JensonButton talks to the media at the marina in Abu Dhabi today. No swans though.. #McLarenSwanWatch pic.twitter.com/g0xhKvcR

Williams were with Valterri Bottas and Natalie Pinkham as they ran the track:

@WilliamsF1Team: Final job of the day.. @NataliePinkham will attempt to keep up with #BOTTAS for @SkySportsF1 !! Good luck…he’s rapid! pic.twitter.com/yYSWoAhy

@MyCaterhamF1: @WilliamsF1Team @NataliePinkham @SkySportsF1 Rapid.. Much!? Didn’t he finish minutes ahead of EVERYONE at the last run the track?

@WilliamsF1Team: @MyCaterhamF1 @NataliePinkham @SkySportsF1 oh yes…he’s a machine!!

@MyCaterhamF1: Poor @NataliePinkham…. good luck Pinks, you’re going to need it.. .and possibly a stretcher afterwards @WilliamsF1Team @SkySportsF1

@NataliePinkham: @WilliamsF1Team @skysportsf1 Badass Bottas! That Finn is fast

McLaren had a panoramic shot on Friday morning:

@TheFifthDriver: Morning! We never shy away from gratuitous use of panorama mode on iPhone. Looks magnificent though, eh?!? pic.twitter.com/COieCghE

@TheFifthDriver: And here’s the corresponding daytime view! #gratuitouspanoramic pic.twitter.com/EhUdPdUM

Marussia were with Max Chilton for his first FP1 outing:

@Marussia_F1Team: Our friends from @SkySportsF1 firmly on the case as usual pic.twitter.com/fqk3zmUB

@Marussia_F1Team: Here’s Max being prepped for his next batch of runs pic.twitter.com/VQIQHsIb

@Marussia_F1Team: So at the end of that session we have a happy @MaxChilton_ who thoroughly enjoyed himself – allegedly grinning ear to ear for first few laps

@Marussia_F1Team: Here’s one of @MaxChilton_ earlier today, gearing up for his impressive FP1 drive ‘pensive’ pic.twitter.com/CwfOOaO1

During practice, Lotus were doing some cleaning:

@Lotus_F1Team: For all garage floor cleaning fans, here is some dustpan and brush action #AbuDhabiDoo pic.twitter.com/QKLGuJys

@Lotus_F1Team: The dustpan and brush session comes after the spray and wipe phase #AbuDhabiDoo pic.twitter.com/FxHdEPwh

Red Bull’s spy was talking about Vettel’s new lid:

@redbullf1spy: Another new lid for Seb this week. What does he do with them? Nobody knows. Spy suspects an Imelda Marcos-style walk-in helmet wardrobe.

Mini Kimi was back in the garage for FP3:

@Lotus_F1Team: We’ve got just 45 mins until FP3 gets underway, look who’s arrived…#AbuDhabiDoo #F1 pic.twitter.com/42LxKCCv

Darkness fell in Abu Dhabi in time for qualifying:

@TheFifthDriver: Darkness has officially fallen over Yas Marina; the biggest permanent lighting system in the world has taken over.

Want to know what happened to Vettel’s fuel?

@Lotus_F1Team: You’d be surprised where #MiniKimi found fuel to light the barbecue last night… http://instagr.am/p/RmhnpbLk_p/

Jessica Ennis was in the McLaren garage this afternoon:

@TheFifthDriver: The amazing @J_Ennis gets behind the wheel of @jensonbutton’s car! pic.twitter.com/EJPuljsN

Lotus had some live cartoons to celebrate Kimi leading, and winning the race:

@Lotus_F1Team: Come on..! #F1LiveCartoons #F1 #AbuDhabiDoo pic.twitter.com/DUlzZ7yA

@Lotus_F1Team: #F1 Live Cartoons; A win in his comeback year! There’s only one #Kimi! RT for a chance to win the Iceman’s gloves! pic.twitter.com/fj0uPmWK

This is what Red Bull’s spy had to say about the race:

@redbullf1spy: Anyone else feel like they’ve been on a roller coaster for the last hour and thirty four minutes?

@redbullf1spy: Finnish national anthem! Haven’t heard it for ages. Nice one Kimi. Top stuff.

What the media have been saying:

At the beginning of the week, a driver announcement was imminent:

@NobleF1: Post GP follow ups done. Now going to travel down to Agra. And if I’m travelling you know what that means….

@NobleF1: Arrived in Agra – and guess what happened while I was travelling? #driverannouncement

The BBC team were filming in the desert on Friday:

@therealdcf1: Two interpretations of how to wear head scarves EJ and @mrjakehumphrey pic.twitter.com/ymT1KYNT

@therealdcf1: And number 2 @mrjakehumphrey pic.twitter.com/daIKeilN

Natalie Pinkham went to Ferrari World:

@NataliePinkham: Check out the faces of our team on the world’s fastest roller coaster 0-240kph in 4.9 secs. Yeh baby! #FerrariWorld pic.twitter.com/voLdCqLW

I think Martin Brundle stayed in the same hotel room that I stayed in last year:

@MBrundleF1: Hotel view not too shabby. Determined to race an Aussie V8 before I’m too old (no rude comments pls!) pic.twitter.com/rJAxlGzG

Sky’s insider was with Anthony Davidson and Johnny Herbert as they went out and did some filming:

@SkyF1Insider: Sorry guys Internet has not been great but I was trying to show you this classic from @antdavidson & @johnnyherbertf1pic.twitter.com/O2WLalC5

How about this for an F1-treat:

@SkyF1Insider: AND what a treat! We get different ones in our hotel everyday! pic.twitter.com/i7Nrh52l

Sky Sports posted this of Vettel after qualifying:

@SkySportsF1: Vettel cuts a dejected figure below the hotel. #skyf1 pic.twitter.com/3ISYZcQ5

The media were none too impressed at having to wait for a decision from the stewards on whether Vettel would be penalised:

@easonF1: Ridiculous. Told that a Vettel decision will be another hour at least. Charlie Whiting, race director, has gone for dinner

@F1Kate: I am going to penalise Charlie and Herbie. Their punishment? I want a dinner invite. Can skip the inside info, just want feeding!

@EliGP: What did we do before Twitter existed when these things happened?

@EliGP: The consensus seems to be that before Twitter existed, we had a life

@EliGP: Or we used something called Ceefax..

And this is what they had to say about the news:

@F1Kate: So it’s Lewis and BCN all over again, except the FIA accepted force majeur this time and still DSQed as not enough fuel for sample.

@willbuxton: Seb’s fuel tank? Or his title aspirations? pic.twitter.com/2nTip0NE

@SkySportsF1: The media scrum as Sebastian Vettel leaves the circuit with @SkySportsNews’ @craigslatersky also in the spotlight…pic.twitter.com/DImN9fnp

@F1Kate: Turns out when I said in error that SebVet would start from the pitlane I was actually tapping into my psychic powers. #feminineintuition

@EliGP: Well, that’s it for tonight. I’m out of fuel….

Jake Humphrey was kept awake last night:

@mrjakehumphrey: Kept awake as the bar under my hotel room seemed to play ‘I’m horny’ by Mousse T about 35 times. I thought I was in Abu Dhabi, not 1998!!!

Will Buxton wasn’t surprised by Red Bull changing parts of Vettel’s car:

@willbuxton: No surprise to see Red Bull has thrown everything but a new engine and kitchen sink into Vettel’s RB8. Gearbox, ratios, suspension, set-up.

Kate Walker was caught snapping Alain Prost on BBCF1:

@F1Kate: Doh! Seems like you guys caught me snapping Prost. Hadn’t twigged the cameras because I am SO CLEVER like that. DC = cameras, duh…

This is what the media had to say about those radio messages from Kimi:

@willbuxton: Kimi. Legend. That is all.

@henryhopefrost: “Leave me alone – I know what I’m doing.” Gotta love The Kimster… #F1

@ESPNF1: “Kimi we need to keep working all four tyres please, all four tyres…” Kimi: “Yes, yes, yes, I’m doing it all the time” #F1 #AbuDhabiGP

@henryhopefrost: “Yes, yes, yes – I’m doing it all the time.” #kimiclassics

Kate Walker was left speechless:

@F1Kate: Press room applauds. What a race that was – I’m as speechless as a Finn in a black and gold race suit.

In case you thought there was rivalry between Sky Sports and BBC F1:

@mrjakehumphrey: What a day. Here’s my view of the race. Watching with the @SkySportsF1 lads. #JakesDayInPanorama #bbcf1 pic.twitter.com/BXE9sF2H

What everyone else has been saying:

Flavio Briatore wants Alonso to win the title:

@BriatoreFlavio: @alo_oficial para mi lo mas importante es que Fernando gagna el Campeonado sinon seria una injusticia para que el es el mejor!!

That’s it for this week, join me again next week for more from the teams, drivers and media…

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