F1 Timeline – this week in #F1 – the Italian GP edition


The phrase ‘better late than never’ springs to mind where this week’s F1 Timeline is concerned, but then, I was at the Italian Grand Prix, and as payback for having so much fun, my internet has been flakey ever since I returned home. So while it’s working, here’s this week’s bumper edition, starting with the aftermath of the Belgian Grand Prix…

What the drivers have been saying:

 Last Monday, Fernando Alonso was fully recovered from the turn one collision at Spa:

@alo_oficial: Today I woke up with no pain and 200% ready for Monza! And… New record for #Ferrari in the “batak” machine.. ;)) pic.twitter.com/6XTfPfNr

Heikki Kovalainen posted a photo of his at-home gym:

@H_Kovalainen: Did some rowing intervals and power work this morning… Here’s a pic of my cardio equipment at home, nice & simple! pic.twitter.com/zJJIwPpW


@H_Kovalainen: “@ChChCharli: @H_Kovalainen love the pictures on the wall!! For motivation?” Yes, stole them from the Paddock club, planning to steal more..

Big Brother has been watching Alonso:

@alo_oficial: En ocasiones me siento observado…;))) Sometimes I feel observed… ;))) #Simulator #monzaAlo pic.twitter.com/sPMfXJA5

Before Spa, Kovalainen made a typo in a text to his girlfriend, before Monza he had didn’t quite say the right thing to her:

@H_Kovalainen: Another funny moment today with my girlfriend @KataHyde – I asked where are my handcuffs, she was like ummm… I meant cufflinks, was packin

Italy is renowned for its pizza, which Daniel Ricciardo was enjoying last Wednesday:

@danielricciardo: And now returned to the hotel after a famous Monza pizza from La Pizzeria! I’ll be back #bestpizzaonearth pic.twitter.com/JSkStFHr

Jenson Button was pleased to see the fans in Monza last Thursday:

@JensonButton: So many F1 fans here at Monza, always such a great atmosphere at this race..

Nico Rosberg went for a ride around the old Monza banking:

@nico_rosberg: Me on the old monza track!! Wow! And this is not the steepest part.pic.twitter.com/31TMH8Ko

Kovalainen was playing on the Playstation:

@H_Kovalainen: Just had a race on playstation with Lewis and Bruno, we all had our engineers as our teammates and me and our reliability engineer won!

Daniel Ricciardo posted a photo from the drivers’ press conference:

@danielricciardo: Pic from the exhilarating press conference today pic.twitter.com/mPOOocL0

He also had a photo from the track walk:

@danielricciardo: Entry of Lesmo 2 #topcorner #trackwalk pic.twitter.com/zG7XmIHD

Alonso had a photo to share of Thursday’s crowd:

@alo_oficial: Foto jueves! Millones de gracias por el apoyo! Foto giovedì!! Grazie per il supporto.. #monzaAlo http://instagr.am/p/PPgWgXQarl/

Here’s one from Friday in Monza:

@alo_oficial: Ahora si, foto viernes.. Now yes, friday photo..http://instagr.am/p/PR_j2tQaqx/

Button went off for pizza after securing a front-row lock out:

@JensonButton: Great day for the team here at Monza.. Front row lockout so the perfect view of turn1! Now off for a Pizza with my mechanics and Engineers..

@JensonButton: Still burning! “@mikeycollier: Pizza, good friends & plenty of spicy chilli! Never seen so much red eye on a table. Strong performance team”

Paul di Resta had a good day too:

@pauldirestaf1: Good day for me and @clubforce , must thank all the team for their efforts. It’s time for pizza with the family.

Jean-Eric Vergne had this to say about his crash:

@JeanEricVergne: Don’t know yet what happened but I can tell you that I’m fine and that I will 100% fit for Singapore. Thank you for the support

@JeanEricVergne: We know a bit more about what happened, looks like a rear suspension failure.

Kovalainen had this to say about the race:

@H_Kovalainen: Good race today, no problems with the car just needed a bit more to stay with the group. Onwards to Singapore. Well done Lewis for winning!

Despite his race ban, Romain Grosjean was in the paddock:

@RGrosjean: Spent all the weekend with @Lotus_F1Team. What a team !!! Can’t wait to get back to work with the guys in Singapore

Sergio Perez wasn’t expecting to be on the podium:

@SChecoPerez: What a race!! Never expected a result like 2day, is one of those days that just gives the boost to give everything at the bad moments!

Mark Webber was pleased for Mitch Evans, who won the GP3 championship:

@AussieGrit: Really happy for young @mitchevans_ winning the GP3 title on the weekend. Most poles by a long way,equal on most wins. #jobdone

Button was back in the simulator on Tuesday, with engineer Tom Stallard:

@JensonButton: Happy Birthday to Big Tom @Tom_Stallard.. Lucky guy is going to spend it with me in a dark room with no windows!! :)

Lewis Hamilton met Mo Farah:

@LewisHamilton: Me & mo_farah the great Olympian, what an honour!http://instagr.am/p/PbuqgTr02z/

They were raising money for charity:

@LewisHamilton: Doin business!! @mo_farah doin the same!http://instagr.am/p/PbwCFlr03P/

Look who Button was hanging out with on Tuesday:

@JensonButton: Hanging out with my Tooned mates!! http://lockerz.com/s/243373553

Former F1 doctor, Professor Sid Watkins sadly passed away last night. The drivers took to Twitter to remember him:

@JensonButton: Rest in Peace Sid Watkins…Motorsport wouldn’t be what it is today without u. Thank you for all you’ve done, we as drivers are so grateful

@H_Kovalainen: Sad to hear professor Sid Watkins has passed away, one of the true greats in motorsport. R.I.P

@pauldirestaf1: Sad to see the news about Sid Watkins, heard so much about him but never got to meet him.

@LewisHamilton: It’s a sad day, with the loss of professor Sid Watkins. Without his incredible contribution to the sport, our lives as drivers would be a risk. My condolences go out to his family. http://instagr.am/p/Pgf4Q4L00h/

What the teams have been saying:

Lotus shared a photo of set up in Monza last Wednesday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Busy day here at #Monza as everyone gets set up for the #ItalianGP this weekend… bring on the #F1 action! http://yfrog.com/odk63dxj

So did Red Bull:

@redbullracing: Touchdown Monza! #ItalianGP Here’s our crew putting the finishing touches to that life-size Meccano structure http://instagr.am/p/PMZ2VFwLq0/

Marussia were enjoying being in Monza:

@Marussia_F1Team: Hey hey hey. It’s a beautiful day in Monza. The Parco looks fantastico. La Pista Magica indeed #F1

@Marussia_F1Team: You wanted photos. You GET photos. Of the banking. Quite something eh? pic.twitter.com/trW90ECA

Williams walked the track on Thursday:

@WilliamsF1Team: First chicane -Turns 1&2 #WilliamsTrackWalk #Monza http://twitpic.com/arlxwz

Red Bull were at art school over the Italian GP weekend:

@redbullracing: Welcome to art school with @AussieGrit #F1 #ItalianGP pic.twitter.com/gK33FkLp

Williams were racing against McLaren and Caterham on Thursday:

@WilliamsF1Team: And we’re racing!!!!! @TheFifthDriver @MyCaterhamF1 http://twitpic.com/arqdvi

@TheFifthDriver: What were @lewishamilton, @H_Kovalainen & @BSenna doing for in our Brand Centre today? @Codemasters know the answer!pic.twitter.com/f8XYTldG

@TheFifthDriver: The drivers were competing alongside their race engineers – here, @lewishamilton gives Andy Latham some insider tips…pic.twitter.com/vEFU3crA

Here’s a photo from McLaren’s pitstop practice during FP3:

@TheFifthDriver: A colourful shot of @lewishamilton making a practice pitstop during Monza FP3 today. pic.twitter.com/IjIqBwsi

They shared a photo from parc ferme after qualifying:

@TheFifthDriver: The fastest car in Italy chills out in parc ferme yesterday!pic.twitter.com/0mUXp8h6

On Sunday, Sauber were left smiling:

@OfficialSF1Team: Take off to #Switzerland after rocking #Monza! #PC12 #Corona and smiling faces! #F1 pic.twitter.com/HTivFhwm

Red Bull’s spy on the other hand, didn’t have a very good weekend:

@redbullf1spy: Was asked at the airport how my weekend was. I cannot repeat my reply.

What the media have been saying:

Will Buxton was pleased for Jerome D’Ambrosio who sat in for Romain Grosjean in Monza:

@willbuxton: Really happy for @thereal_JDA. Going to miss you in the commentary box mate, but delighted you’ve got a chance to show what you can do.

Alan Baldwin had this to say:

@alanbaldwinf1: So we go from a Belgian GP with no Belgian driver to an Italian GP with no Italian driver, but with a Belgian who sounds Italian.

@alanbaldwinf1: And a Belgian driver who could actually score some points, which hasn’t happened for a very long time.

Rachel Brookes was busy eating Italian ice cream:

@RachelBrookesTV: Been filming in Monza today. Lovely place but even lovelier ice cream!!! pic.twitter.com/7ZzHvJH3

Will Buxton was clearly excited to be in Monza:

@willbuxton: Banking. Tifosi. Pizza. Scaloppine Milanese at the hotel de la ville. Amaretto. Large. On the rocks. Road works. Gesticulating. FEVER!!!

Jon Noble had this to say about Alex Zanardi:

@NobleF1: Brilliant. @lxznr is a legend. That is all. #paralympics

Here’s what Sky’s Georgie Thompson was expecting from Monza:

@OfficiallyGT: Off to Monza this weekend. I’m expecting Ferrari flags everywhere, Lewis to bounce back and great pizza.

Lee McKenzie had this to say following the Lewis to Mercedes rumour breaking:

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Half way through a chat with Eddie Jordan and his phone goes dead and no response now. Wonder who got him Lewis, Mercedes or Michael! :)

And this is what Jon Noble and David Coulthard said:

@NobleF1: Blimey – leave my hotel for a bit of exercise and the world goes crazy. EJ says Lewis is off to Merc, and STR confirms Ascanelli is out

@therealdcf1: EJ always has his nose close to the ground, is he barking up the right tree or just barking mad?

DC posted this photo of Jake:

@therealdcf1: Jake came into my dressing room and proceeded to pick the most uncomfortable seating arrangement, just weird! pic.twitter.com/w8lt1clh

Here’s proof that DC reads your tweets:

@mrjakehumphrey: Heading back to Lundinium with @therealdcf1. Proof he reads your tweets…so give him a follow… #FollowDC pic.twitter.com/qG8c40gQ

Maurice Hamilton flew to Monza with Ross Brawn:

@MauriceHamilton: Sitting with Ross Brawn in Economy. Asked if this was cost-cutting to afford #f1 Hamilton. He smiled and shook his head. . .

Martin Brundle had some respect for Grosjean:

@MBrundleF1: Pleased to hear Romain Grosjean will be at Monza performing roles for the team, and not spitting the dummy and hiding. Respect him for that

Will Buxton had this to say about Alex Zanardi:

@willbuxton: So @lxznr wants a new challenge. And Chip Ganassi’s reportedly offered him a ride for the 2013 Indy500. Huge, huge fever.

Georgie Thompson had a photo of Johnny Herbert and Martin Brundle in blindfolds:

@OfficiallyGT: Check out our coverage on race day to find out what this is all about @johnnyherbertf1 and @MBrundleF1…! #skyf1 pic.twitter.com/qcrnvuRp

@OfficiallyGT: “@mrjakehumphrey: Quote of the day… ‘Beautiful things come in small packages’.” thanks Jake!

She watched McLaren’s pitstop practice on Thursday:

@OfficiallyGT: Watching a McLaren pit stop. My god these guys are good/fast! #skyf1 pic.twitter.com/SQ7lHEfn

Jake Humphrey heard a rumour about him joining Sky:

@mrjakehumphrey: Why is twitter suddenly awash with rumours & people convinced I’m joining @SkySportsF1. Is someone spreading a scurrilous rumour??

The wifi wasn’t great in the media centre on Thursday – much like mine this week:

@alanbaldwinf1: The Monza media centre Wifi has had more crashes today than Grosjean and Maldonado all season. I’ve had my Thursday rant. Feel better now.

Rachel Brookes visited the Monza banking:

@RachelBrookesTV: Wow! The steep banking of the old circuit! My dad drove for 5 days and nights solid around this!!! #monza pic.twitter.com/C0sdx79S

Jake Humphrey embarrassed himself on the plane to Italy:

@mrjakehumphrey: My Alitalia flight to Milan is packed with F1 fans…therefore being late on, tripping in the aisle and face-planting the floor = not cool!

The Sky team went out for dinner with Christian Horner on Friday night:

@NataliePinkham: It was all going swimmingly until I knocked my drink all over Mr Horner. Apologies. Taxi for 1.

Who said F1 journalism was glamorous?

@OfficiallyGT: For those of you thinking F1 is all glamour… A reality check…me writing the F1 show scripts today by the bins!pic.twitter.com/AiDQzeA8

@mrjakehumphrey: Behold the biblical power of my hotel shower on full pelt…I won’t look clean on TV today… pic.twitter.com/KgnGMa1q

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Morning. My ironing man @mrjakehumphrey is getting on well with my BBC shirt pic.twitter.com/qkUjx4gw

Andrew Benson shared this from the press conference:

@andrewbensonf1: Smiles in news conference as a journo says to @JensonButton he won’t be in same team as @LewisHamilton next year. “Why? Where am I going?”

The Sky team went out for dinner on Saturday night as well:

@CroftyF1: So we’re heading out for dinner. @OfficiallyGT has booked the restaurant and we travelling by tube. This could be chaos :))

@CroftyF1: We found a train! http://twitpic.com/ashvfi

Georgie ironed Ant’s shirt on Sunday:

@antdavidson: What a perfect morning. Race day in Monza, sun is out, and @OfficiallyGT is ironing my shirt! pic.twitter.com/Iu7n2CeN

Natalie Pinkham said this about Lewis:

@NataliePinkham: Interesting remark from Lewis to me in pen – Shame for the team that we didn’t get 1,2 here in Monza, but there’s always next year…

On the way home, Simon Lazenby was playing tricks on Crofty:

@SimonLazenbySky: Got crofty with the old ‘baggage tag tail’ gag. Like an angry dinosaur ! pic.twitter.com/nFDvcZo4

Will Buxton meanwhile was partying, GP3 style:

@willbuxton: Huge times in Milan. I love GP3. pic.twitter.com/QUcvJIG6

@willbuxton: Massive night out with amazing friends in GP3. Some fabulous memories. Some fabulous photos. None for public consumption.

@willbuxton: 7am. Everythings a bit blurry. And I’m listening to Busted. Am I 21 again?

Jennie Gow flew home with the GP3 champ:

@JennieGow: Just back from Monza and Mitch Evans was on our flight – winner of @GP3_Official – but where does one put your trophy?pic.twitter.com/etxF4a0m

Kate Walker and Jon Noble are looking forward to the rest of the season:

@F1Kate: East Croydon just doesn’t have quite the same charm as Milan… Thank god it’s Singapore next. I *love* the Asian part of the season.

@NobleF1: Can’t believe only the flyaways left now – but of course we have an epic title fight to look forward to

Johnny Herbert has been playing golf with Crofty this week:

@johnnyherbertf1: I will keep this short..lost golf today against Crofty. Those trees caused me havoc and were really placed in stupid positions.

Two former F1 drivers, now commentators, paid their respects to Sid Watkins:

@MBrundleF1: Motor sport has lost a true visionary +character with death of Prof Sid Watkins, 84. Great man, funny too.Saved my left foot being amputated

@therealdcf1: Sid Watkins was one of the best Men I have met in my life, totally selfless and the world has lost a great

What everyone else has been saying:

Rubens Barrichello was among those paying his respects to Sid:

@rubarrichello: It was Sid Watkins that saved my life in Imola 94.great guy to be with,always happy…tks for everything u have done for us drivers.RIP

That’s it for this week. The next F1 Timeline will be next Sunday, after the Singapore Grand Prix, when my internet will hopefully be working again and I’ll be able to bring you more from the teams, drivers and F1 media.

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