F1 Timeline – this week in #F1 – the Japanese GP edition

This week, F1 has been in Japan where the accommodation has been either small or child-like and it’s advised you close the door when you have a bath. Confused? Then read on for this week’s F1 Timeline…

What the drivers have been saying:

At the beginning of the week, Mark Webber was tweeting about tattoos:

@AussieGrit: Mmm seems that the generation after mine in Australia likes to cover their bodies in tattoos. Odd 1 fine. 30/40% of your skin really?

Jenson Button sent Autosport’s Jon Noble a tweet that proved me right – he never did follow Lewis on Twitter:

@JensonButton: @NobleF1 Never followed him… Makes a story though!!

He’s got a new profile pic:

@JensonButton: That is the question!! “@oxosbase: @JensonButton just seen your new pic. But which is the real jb. ?”

It seems the drivers were staying at the circuit hotel, which had an interesting idea of bedroom decor:

@JensonButton: Just walked into what is supposed 2 b my bedroom at the Suzuka circuit hotel but looks more like a kids playroom!! pic.twitter.com/gRP61m0i

@realTimoGlock: @JensonButton sorry Jenson I have got the kids room. So if you want to change let me know pic.twitter.com/749v3Bhg

@JensonButton: Amazing! You lucky boy! “@realTimoGlock: sorry Jenson I have got the kids room. So if you want to change let me know pic.twitter.com/OQl17UY6

@JensonButton: Love it!! @jessybondgirl pic.twitter.com/EzY9ZKrp

Here’s Fernando Alonso’s Thursday photo:

@alo_oficial: Foto jueves… Thursday photo.. #JapanAlo http://instagr.am/p/QWojAXQagp/

Timo Glock couldn’t decide which helmet to wear:

@realTimoGlock: Now I found another one! So which one should I use tomorrow ???pic.twitter.com/UzUChX5a

Lewis Hamilton was back on Twitter on Friday:

@LewisHamilton: Hey everyone!! I’m sorry I disappeared, phone issues but now got new one. So I’m back… http://instagr.am/p/QZYNdir0__/

Alonso started the day with some coffee:

@alo_oficial: Buenos días!! Good morning!!! #JapanAlo pic.twitter.com/b0FOkUeG

This is what Lewis had to say after qualifying:

@LewisHamilton: A real tough day but its never over til it’s over! We win & we loose together. Thank you for all the support. I will be flat out tomorrow!!!

The Japanese fans were still in the stands – long after qualifying finished and the sun went down:

@AussieGrit: Japanese fans still at the track at 18:30 in the dark!! Full grandstand, they love it! http://twitpic.com/b1iyea

@AussieGrit: As far as I can see, this is what they are all looking at.http://twitpic.com/b1j2j2

Here’s JB on qualifying:

@JensonButton: Good Quali yesterday, felt like we got the max out of the car. Let’s c what we can do from P8 today! Best o tsukusahimasu! (I’ll do my best)

Lewis had a pic from the drivers’ parade:

@LewisHamilton: Pit straight flags….thank you for your support:) love to you http://instagr.am/p/QeAlyGL0yF/

Nico Rosberg may have retired on lap 1, but he was at the podium ceremony:

@nico_rosberg: Rather than being miserable i’m soaking in the crazy atmosphere at podium Kobayashi 3rd. Happy for the japanese peops. pic.twitter.com/2X91LlLg

Alonso posted his following his first lap retirement:

@alo_oficial: 5 great races coming! If the enemy thinks in the mountains, attack by sea, if they think in the sea, attack by the mountains. #Leaders

Glock was pleased with Marussia’s pitstop:

@Marussia_F1Team: Just saw 4th quickest pit stop overall from my @Marussia_F1Team boys! Incredible job boys and sorry for being bit long on the 2nd one

Sergio Perez said this after the race:

@SChecoPerez: I feel Sorry for my team,happy for @kamui_kobayashi great podium!Well done!Will come back in 7 days in Korea:)tnx to all who r always there

What the teams have been saying:

Lotus arrived in Japan on Tuesday:

@Lotus_F1Team: And we’re back in business! Greetings from Japan @Lotus_F1Team fans! Time to grab the baggage and head for Suzuka… #F1

Ferrari had a special guest with them in Suzuka. If you follow Alonso on Instagram (and indeed on Twitter), you may have seen this little fella before:

@InsideFerrari: Today we had a special guest in Suzuka! Oggi abbiamo avuto un ospite speciale a Suzuka! pic.twitter.com/miE0o6qU

@InsideFerrari: #Tomita ha buscado a @alo_oficial por todos lados…pic.twitter.com/hbjtuxUo

@InsideFerrari: #Tomita tried to find him inside the car but it is still Thursday!pic.twitter.com/8hF5Q10Z

@InsideFerrari: #Tomita ha probado también a escuchar algunos consejos de sus amigos ferraristas… pic.twitter.com/qV2nBJUC

McLaren had an arty shot from the pitlane:

@TheFifthDriver: An arty shot of our garage at #Suzuka. pic.twitter.com/PtchQvBX

They held a #SocialFriday from the pitwall:

@TheFifthDriver: #socialfriday @ahhmaddd: “Referring to #Tooned, does a test track really exist under MTC?” Ah, that’s the question everyone asks!

@TheFifthDriver: The whole team’s kit is laundered between each race. A LOT of items! Our clothing guys do a fantastic job: they never see daylight…

Red Bull’s spy noticed there were a few budding photographers amongst the Japanese fans:

@redbullf1spy: Only in Japan do camera-wielding fans look like professional snappers. Seriously long-lenses out there. Not scruffy enough to be pros though

This is what he had to say about Seb’s new helmet:

@redbullf1spy: Seb’s red-topped helmet has a 50th Anniversary of Suzuka theme – he hasn’t just borrowed a lid off Jarno Trulli.

The Red Bull team said this about his pole position:

@redbullracing: Congratulations to Seb on his 34th career pole. It puts him 3rd behind two illustrious names – Schumacher and Senna – in the all time list.

Here’s a photo from McLaren when they left for the day on Saturday:

@TheFifthDriver: “And, of course, when MP4-27 goes to sleep, all his friends go to sleep too…” pic.twitter.com/Rciawq8s

Here’s one from this morning:

@TheFifthDriver: Aaaand the covers come off: our car wakes up from parc ferme. We’re ready for race day – are you? pic.twitter.com/YWCLChms

Red Bull’s spy saw a few fans at the gates on his way into the circuit this morning:

@redbullf1spy: Always great driving into Suzuka. Fans at the gate wave and cheer – doesn’t matter if you’re a driver, engineer or fedora-clad secret agent.

Lotus took a photo of Romain Grosjean’s 10-second stop and go penalty:

@Lotus_F1Team: Ten seconds stop and go for @RGrosjean – back in your box Monsieur #TrackOfTheRisingFun http://twitpic.com/b1tazp

Over at Williams, the rear jackman had helmet cam:

@WilliamsF1Team: Hope you are all enjoying helmet-cam from our rear jackman Abbo!pic.twitter.com/lizCMA5N

Lotus were being cheeky during the race:

@Lotus_F1Team: Our secret operative back from his work in Jenson’s gearbox. Thank you mini-Kimi #TrackOfTheRisingFun http://twitpic.com/b1tm40

Here’s some of the reactions from the race:

@OfficialFerrari: Great race from @Felipe1Massa who finished 2nd. A fantastic race!!

@OfficialSF1Team: he did it! #Kamui our hero. podium at his #JapaneseGP. wow. so happy. GREAT!!!!! P3. let’s enjoy this moment all together. #F1

@OfficialSF1Team: #Kamui = Mr. Cool. Just as we know him! #weNeverGiveUp

In case you were wondering:

@redbullf1spy: Seb really doesn’t normally call Rocky ‘Baby’. Honest. 

He doesn’t understand Japanese though:

@redbullf1spy: No idea what Kamui’s saying to the crowd. It could be a recipe for all we know. They seem to like it though. 

What the media have been saying:

Natalie Pinkham was busy packing for her trip to Japan and Korea on Monday:

@NataliePinkham: I’ve packed bedding,pillows,towels,the medicine cabinet + the kitchen sink for Japan/Korea #homecomforts #beprepared

Meanwhile, Will Buxton joined us on #F1Chat:

@willbuxton: Three hours to go until I make my debut on @F1Chat. Not sure what to expect but can’t wait. Hope you’ll join and ask some questions. #F1Chat

At least someone was able to put Natalie Pinkham’s luggage to good use:

@NataliePinkham: Lazers has developed an affection for my bag @SimonLazenbySky #ComeOnFightTheJetLag pic.twitter.com/DH8V4qPv

In Japan, there’s nothing better than simplicity:

@antdavidson: Ah yes, I had forgotten that a hotel bedroom in Japan can sometimes quite literally mean just that! pic.twitter.com/AMwzxvwi

At least he wasn’t sleeping in a kids room…

Natalie and Anthony met Kamui Kobayashi for a feature on The F1 Show:

@NataliePinkham: A spot of moonlighting for @kamui_kobayashi pic.twitter.com/qRqPG2tz

@NataliePinkham: With @antdavidson and not 1 but 3 @kamui_kobayashi’s pic.twitter.com/7lZj9syK

Natalie also did some cooking with Force India:

@NataliePinkham: Learning to make sushi with Dave at Force India @clubforce pic.twitter.com/aAV2Zih7

David Coulthard had an announcement:

@therealdcf1: JORDAN GP reforms with drivers @MBrundleF1 and @therealdcf1. We wanted to wait until after the Ham-Schu announcement to avoid a PR clash

@therealdcf1: @mrjakehumphrey will be using his extensive contact list to secure BT as a title sponsor, he may handle the switchboard as well

@therealdcf1: Car design by Gary Anderson and @LeeMcKenzieF1 will be the team principal, personally I have never had any issue working under a lady

@therealdcf1: “@MBrundleF1: @therealdcf1 great idea Team mates means we only pretend to like each other now tho>>just be slower and I love you long time

In a controversial move, Will Buxton tweeted a photo of Lewis Hamilton’s telemetry:

@willbuxton: Lewis Hamilton said to be less than impressed with the telemetry sheet he’s been given in Suzuka. pic.twitter.com/wfoi5ZLc

Here’s Adam Cooper on Lewis’ Twitter blackout:

@adamcooperf1: #F1 Lewis was just doing his first Tweet for a while, not a news blackout, he just dropped his phone and lost his passwords, data etc!

@adamcooperf1: #F1 Told him he should Tweet us a picture of his new Mercedes contract. He saw the funny side…

Here’s what will happen if you have a bath in Jake Humphrey’s hotel:

@mrjakehumphrey: So, do I risk having a bath or not…don’t want to evacuate the place!!! pic.twitter.com/MA7hLmYM

Jennie Gow was having trouble sleeping:

@JennieGow: Finally time to go to bed….if I wake up at 3.55am again I shall be less than impressed #livinglostintranslation

@JennieGow: MORNING!!!! Ok, so I didn’t wake up at 3.55am – hurrah! I work up at 4.05am – boooo! But I did get back to sleep! Hurrah! Cloudy morning #F1

Martin Brundle noticed how technologically advanced the Japanese were:

@MBrundleF1: Fans well organised, chunky pens +gilt edged autograph cards. Asked to fingertip sign iPad today, novel but now he has my digital signature!

Following the post-quali investigations, Will Buxton said this:

@willbuxton: Formula 1. Where 24 men drive around as fast as they can, and then go into a small room to argue about how they did it.

Jon Noble ran the track:

@NobleF1: Track run done in 30m01s. No chance of getting near #BOTTAS, who had finished drunk water, got T-shirt and gone home before I got to end

The Sky team went to the night market on Saturday night:

@NataliePinkham: Quick trip to the night market where we…..1) met some friendly locals…. pic.twitter.com/9w13SFwB

@NataliePinkham: 2) found @CroftyF1 his perfect meal in XL (= Xtra Long)pic.twitter.com/ttQFjbOy

@NataliePinkham: 3) Found an shrine to my childhood hero…. pic.twitter.com/jbsodao3

@NataliePinkham: Oh and 4) bartered on a goldfish. meet Wanda #skyf1 ‘s new petpic.twitter.com/raAZ2jWx

Coca Cola is bottled differently in Japan:

@willbuxton: It’s the little differences that I love about Japan.http://instagr.am/p/QdZ8K8GEk1/

Today is Jake Humphrey’s birthday:

@mrjakehumphrey: Happy birthday Jacob pic.twitter.com/4bTsHah6

Autosport’s Simon Strang was impressed with Kobayashi:

@StrangAutosport: Impressed with @kamui_kobayashi today. So far not a wheel wrong, soaking up pressure and run in front of McLaren-bound @SChecoPerez all day.

Freelancer Kate Walker made Vettel cry in the post-race press conference:

@F1Kate: The emotion in the presser was mega. Seb on verge of tears of joy, while Felipe baby and Kamui were so proud.

@F1Kate: I didn’t mean to make Seb cry! Asked him about being a record breaker, wasn’t being a bully. His response was excellent.

After the race, they showed a re-run of the race:

@5LiveF1: Grandstands still packed as they watch a re-run of the race! #properfever http://twitpic.com/b1uqzm

And finally, this is what Will Buxton had to say on Grosjean’s first corner collision:

@willbuxton: Hmmm. So I’ve been rewatching the GRO first corners over and over in replay. Looks a lot like me trying to ballroom dance. Clumsy and silly.

That’s it for this week. Join me again next Sunday for more from the teams, drivers and media in Korea.

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