F1 Timeline – this week in #F1 – the Singapore GP edition

F1 Timeline is back this weekend after a break last weekend, and as you can imagine, with the Singapore Grand Prix, the teams, drivers and media have been busy on Twitter in the lead up to today’s race. So here’s what they’ve been saying since our last social media wrap up…

What the drivers have been saying:

Kamui Kobayashi celebrated his birthday on the 13th September:

@kamui_kobayashi: Thank you so much for all of birthday message. Had great 26years birthday with all of my friend. Let’s rook! http://instagr.am/p/PiV20lQ7q1/

Last weekend, fireman Heikki Kovalainen had a BBQ:

@H_Kovalainen: Warming up my barbeque, hopefully don’t burn the whole garden!pic.twitter.com/PWOS1GtR

Fernando Alonso always packs his favourite Oakley sunglasses, but he didn’t know what colour to pack for Singapore:

@alo_oficial: I need to start preparing my bag, but the same doubts as always..;) Oakley racing jacket best for sports, but color?pic.twitter.com/aaFy0xYF

@NobleF1: @alo_oficial All of them. Walk down the paddock like that on Thursday!

On Tuesday, Sergio Perez was remembering his Monza podium:

@SChecoPerez: The Best podium in F1 #conunaleyendadef1 #elmejorpodium #italia #Monza http://instagr.am/p/Pta2KMuadH/

Jenson Button learnt a lesson on Tuesday:

@JensonButton: Lesson for today is never take on a track cyclist with bigger legs than my waist on a set of sprints!! #needmorespinach

Paul di Resta was eating dinner at 12:30am:

@pauldirestaf1: Still find this mad each year in Singapore, it’s 12:30am and Im thinking about plans for dinner.

Kovalainen was flying to Singapore:

@H_Kovalainen: Flying to Singapore tonight, overnight flight so keeping the European time zone when over there

So was Mark Webber:

@AussieGrit: Back on the big planes. That means @QantasAirways Love the 380 what a ship. #QF10 famous leg that one.

Lewis Hamilton was doing donuts on Wednesday:

@LewisHamilton: In Singapore, working with Johnnie Walker http://jointhepact.com …had to burn out my signature! Was dope.. http://instagr.am/p/PwW5MNr0-Y/

Bruno Senna was at the top of the Marina Bay Hotel:

@BSenna: View from the top of the Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore. Check how well lit the circuit is!! Vista do topo do http://instagr.am/p/PwvmFYxzcc/

Daniel Ricciardo was walking the track:

@danielricciardo: Track walk Singapore. Approach of turn 13 #bridge #streetstyle #goodfun pic.twitter.com/Tfrst9kI

Kovalainen went cycling:

@H_Kovalainen: Went cycling around the track here in Singapore for couple of hours, some work still been done but otherwise all looking good

Hamilton shared some photos of his special Singapore helmet on Thursday:

@LewisHamilton: Singapore night race special! http://instagr.am/p/PzLZp-L00U/

@LewisHamilton: My painter I been with for 10 years, he’s the best!! Check him out.http://www.jlfdesigns.com  http://instagr.am/p/PzSUopr04h/

Jenson was with McLaren’s new test driver on Friday:

@JensonButton: Check out our new test driver!! pic.twitter.com/wdu4XhiH

@JensonButton: Absolutely chucking it down with rain here in Singapore.@jessybondgirl completely drenched = unhappy girlfriend!!

Lewis quoted Cool Runnings:

@LewisHamilton: This car is a bad ass mother!!! Who won’t take no crap off of nobody!! http://instagr.am/p/P2JkW1L0z2/

He had a cool pic from practice:

@LewisHamilton: Night fox!! http://instagr.am/p/P2MoOpr02A/

Perez shared this on Saturday:

@SChecoPerez: The team have been working very quick! I will do my best #WeNeverGiveUp Thanks for the support @MexicoToday pic.twitter.com/iFVykn1Q

Don’t panic, Vitaly Petrov’s gearbox is alive:

@vitalypetrovrus: Don’t worry. Everything will be good. Gearbox is “alive”. All ready for qualifying …

Here’s what Alonso and Ricciardo had to say after qualifying:

@alo_oficial: Fifth position to continue the average of this season in qualy.. ;))! Interesting race tomorrow, reliability, strategies..! It will be fun..

@danielricciardo: Hey guys. Hope all of you here in Singapore are enjoying the weekend. And all watching from the couch too ;) its a great event. Qualifying..

@danielricciardo: .. was good fun, managed to leave an imprint on the turn 21 wall. Pushing as always ;) gonna give it a good crack tomorrow. I’ll be coming!

Lewis was posting even more photos:

@LewisHamilton: Everything is so finite but that’s what makes our time and specific moments so important. We are all stars!! http://instagr.am/p/P4s5aiL0yw/

@LewisHamilton: I have the best fans in the world, some of them are here. Whether at the track or my hotel, i am so grateful http://instagr.am/p/P4xkklr02Z/

Here’s what the drivers had to say after the race:

@alo_oficial: Another podium, it’s the 4th of the 5 races done here, great Sunday again to score points in the championship..! #ForzaFerrari #happy

@RGrosjean: So good to be back in the car for a race weekend! Well done @Lotus_F1Team for the good recovery. Good day with @damsracing GP2 team champion

@SChecoPerez: Bye singapore see you next year , in 2 weeks Japan :)http://instagr.am/p/P7Qsauuacz/

What the teams have been saying:

Last Monday, Williams stopped by #F1Chat:

@WilliamsF1Team: Enjoying the #F1Chat with @CroftyF1 tonight. Let’s ask him one.. Crofty, are you coming for a cuppa at the #SingaporeGP? #F1

@CroftyF1: @WilliamsF1Team didn’t get a chance to reply last night, I’ll be in for a diet coke in Singapore but are you doing Brits Breakfast, love ’em

Williams were off to Singapore on Tuesday:

@WilliamsF1Team: All aboard the bus! With the engineers all heading to the airport for #Singapore! Let the final flyaways commence! #F1

Lotus found a ghost on Thursday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Woah! It seems we’ve accidentally brought ghost #Kimi instead of the real deal! Quite eery… #F1 http://yfrog.com/h665486399j

McLaren were doing some filming with Jenson Button:

@TheFifthDriver: Here’s Jenson by The Conrad’s pool filming for Johnnie Walker’s Step Inside programme. http://www.youtube.com/jwstepinside pic.twitter.com/vJAVob5q

Marussia welcomed Max Chilton to the team:

@Marussia_F1Team: Straight back down to it with new charge @MaxChilton_ and some media to follow up today’s announcement http://twitpic.com/awln0g

Lotus loved the view:

@Lotus_F1Team: How about that for a view… we’re rather fond of Singapore! #Stunning #F1 http://instagr.am/p/PzY0FPLk7B/

They had an invisible car in their garage on Friday:

@Lotus_F1Team: Tyres in their rectangles. On invisible car? You decide #BayCityRacers pic.twitter.com/eGyiAvNw

Force India had a photo for their mechanics’ families:

@clubforce: A shot for the mechanics’ families now! Spot your boys in the @clubforce garage. #singaporeGP #F1 http://twitpic.com/aww88e

Caterham had this to say to their drivers as practice got underway:

@MyCaterhamF1: Four words every F1 driver must love hearing “Fire up and go”

They’re the winners of the random tweet of the week award:

@MyCaterhamF1: No change to the colour scheme @StegTheDinosaur – very much still green and yellow

McLaren won Sky’s pitstop award again:

@TheFifthDriver: SKY’s @tedkravitz presents Sam Michael and @sam_dryden with the fastest pitstop award for the seventh successive race! pic.twitter.com/XN9ZtE65

Williams had an analogy on Saturday:

@WilliamsF1Team: If anyone wants to know what it feels like for the mechanics we’ve a nice analogy from team manager Dickie Stanford…. #Singapore

@WilliamsF1Team: Dickie: “You should stand in a hot shower fully clothed & hold a spanner!” #Singapore

They had a tribute for The Prof:

@WilliamsF1Team: A small tribute to an incredible man #SidWatkinsTribute on our front wings all weekend #Singapore #NeverForgotten pic.twitter.com/am5U7WTc

FP3 was in the daylight:

@clubforce: #singaporeGP FP3 underway. Paul’s first comment, ‘feels strange driving in daylight’ !! Otherwise happy with the car.

McLaren also had a random tweet:

@TheFifthDriver: I have generally better grip today than yesterday. Traction is better as well.

Sauber shared a a hot and sticky tweet:

@OfficialSF1Team: Our mechanics are working so hard in the hot garage… Look at this shirt! pic.twitter.com/9Hppaok1

Lotus were busy passing the time before qualifying:

@Lotus_F1Team: …be or not to be; that is the question! We say, to race!! #F1 #BayCityRacers http://yfrog.com/h8k7vcdj

They were dancing around later that day:

@Lotus_F1Team: Moves Like Jagger just came on the circuit radio; if you see an @Lotus_F1Team member dancing like crazy it’s not us honest…#BayCityRacers

Sauber caught Kamui Kobayashi in the freezer:

@OfficialSF1Team: Preparation is everything – look what Kamui did with his helmet pic.twitter.com/7dAxlpmP

McLaren saw their boys leave the garage together for quali:

@TheFifthDriver: The Merc V8s erupt into life. Lewis and Jenson head out of the pit garage together, both on the option tyre.

Ferrari had this to say about Hamilton:

@InsideFerrari: Hamilton looks untouchable: 1 second quicker than anyone else.

Caterham didn’t want to see the return of Fireman Heikki:

@MyCaterhamF1: (One thing we’d rather not see again, as spectacular as it was, is a reappearance of the fireman @H_Kovalainen) pic.twitter.com/flGOD6jo

They didn’t seem to understand how they’d gained two hours though:

@MyCaterhamF1: Where do the extra hours come from in Singapore? On a normal F1 Saturday we leave around 7pm and are back 13 hours later at around 9am.

@MyCaterhamF1: Right now we have to be back on track in around 15 hours but we’re about done for the day. Two hours have magically appeared from nowhere.

Williams had this just before the race:

@WilliamsF1Team: The sun is starting to set on our lovely little hospitality suite here in #Singapore pic.twitter.com/YecU4msN

Lotus had a cartoon on team orders to share during the race:

@Lotus_F1Team: #F1 Live Cartoons: #SingaporeGP: Ever the gentleman, @RGrosjean moves aside for #Kimi #TeamWork pic.twitter.com/J2p63POr

Here’s what the teams had to say after the race:

@redbullracing: We have a winner and he is ours!!! Sebastian Vettel wins the Singapore Grand Prix 2012! What a beauty!

@Marussia_F1Team: And some huge HIGH FIVES to everyone back at Banbury today. All that blood, sweat and tears does pay off it seems. Well done us!

What the media have been saying:

Last week, Natalie Pinkham shared a photo of her backyard:

@NataliePinkham: Our backyard (almost) pic.twitter.com/C4guuzEG

David Coulthard had a confession on Monday:

@therealdcf1: Confession time, shaved legs for the first time today, for cycling purposes of course but none the less seems a little wrong at 41

Sky’s David Croft joined us for #F1Chat:

@CroftyF1: @F1Chat time at 9pm I’ll try & answer as many as I can Before that, Happy B’day to my mate @185steveO Will miss you in Sing this year buddy

@CroftyF1: Lots of you asking if Schumi will be around next year. Personally I hope so & he’s still good enough but it might not be his choice #F1Chat

Jake Humphrey had some news this week – he’s leaving BBCF1:

@mrjakehumphrey: Morning! Off to Singapore on the ‘red-eye’ flight, taking off at 10.30 tonight. Before that, I suspect today might be rather interesting…

@mrjakehumphrey: Thanks SO much for your kind, supportive and understanding tweets. Right, must focus, time to pack for Singapore… #StillARubbishPacker

Lee McKenzie had a reminder on Tuesday:

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Phone calendar just bleeped to say “Singapore”. Thank goodness for that! I would have hate to have forgotten!

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Plenty of mischief making from the Sky bunch lead by none other than Mr @CroftyF1 Good job they’re on a different plane tonight :-)

Will Buxton found staying on European time bonkers:

@willbuxton: Landed in Singapore. Need to go back to sleep for a few hours until the sun goes down, then I should be sorted for the weekend. Bonkers.

Jennie Gow passed out on the flight to Singapore:

@JennieGow: Made it to Singapore but not smoothest of flights as I managed to pass out! Have to say thank you to all those who helped (and took mic)

Autosport’s Jon Noble had this to say when he got to Singapore:

@NobleF1: Post flight nap? Done. 5k sweaty run? Done. 30k exercise bike torture? Done. About to ruin it all with a curry in Little India? Oh yes!!!!

Will Buxton said this about Max Chilton:

@willbuxton: Max Chilton confirmed as Marussia reserve from Japan onwards. I’ve said it before, I think he’ll be Glock’s team-mate next season.

It was Natalie Pinkham’s birthday on Thursday:

@NataliePinkham: Thank you for the birthday messages…what a lovely lot you are! X

Here’s a couple of tweets from Sky’s Insider:

@SkyF1Insider: Eye spy with my little eye… Something beginning with… S? pic.twitter.com/yRcf9iLm

@SkyF1Insider: Tweeps in Singapore – if you see @NataliePinkham today, remember to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

The Sky team wanted to keep the following a secret:

@SkySportsF1: Keep it a secret, but it looks as if we’ll have an interview with Lewis Hamilton for you this weekend… http://yfrog.com/oegpgpxj

Jake Humphrey was struggling with staying on European time:

@mrjakehumphrey: Always odd working to Euro time in Singapore. Today- breakfast at 2pm, lunch at 8pm…now 11pm and still in the office. #MessingWithMyMind

The Telegraph’s Tom Cary was having a ‘hot’ competition with Sebastian Vettel:

@tomcary_tel: Just completed a v sweaty lap of Marina Bay circuit with sebastian vettel in hot pursuit. I think I looked hotter than him.

The Sky team played golf with Kovalainen on Thursday night:

@SkyF1Insider: What is there to do in Singapore at midnight?! Play golf on a rooftop with @H_Kovalainen ofcourse! (no pun intended) pic.twitter.com/wRIuiGvM

@CroftyF1: Top nights filming at Marina Bay Golf Course with @H_Kovalainen @johnnyherbertf1 & Damon who is now analysing our swings, not a pretty sight

@johnnyherbertf1: I was best of the Sky team…isn’t that right Crofty?

@NataliePinkham: @johnnyherbertf1 that’s what I heard @CroftyF1

@CroftyF1: @johnnyherbertf1  it’s true that over 1 hole you were nearest the pin mate but over 18 you still need the heimlich manoeuvre for your choking

@johnnyherbertf1: @CroftyF1 yes buddy that was true..but I have moved on.

Meanwhile, Natalie Pinkham was eating cake:

@NataliePinkham: Last bit of stomach space and energy will go towards eating this…pic.twitter.com/9VatX1uY

BBC 5LiveF1 had a weather pic on Friday before practice:

@5LiveF1: Is that a good sign?? http://twitpic.com/awstfx

Natalie Pinkham had this to say about Georgie Thompson and Anthony Davidson, who were back in the UK:

@NataliePinkham: @OfficiallyGT @antdavidson We miss you! Although your hair won’t be missing this humidity. Malaysia was positively mild in comparison!

In Singapore, the TV compound is close to the track:

@SimonLazenbySky: Tv compound closer than ever to pit lane. On way for a sandwich and almost road kill pic.twitter.com/OExYDdw9

Lee McKenzie was given some advice by Kamui Kobayashi:

@LeeMcKenzieF1: As I walked the track heading back to hotel @kamui_kobayashi said best plan was to party all night! I’m sure he wasn’t talking about him tho

She caught EJ and DC napping earlier today:

@LeeMcKenzieF1: Lots of concentration from Eddie and @therealdcf1 in our BBC meeting to discuss today’s show! #BBCF1 pic.twitter.com/JkouybFO

There was something familiar about the clothing on the BBC and Sky today:

@NataliePinkham: Pink shirt/white jeans the order of the day for MB & DC @SimonLazenbySky @mrjakehumphrey @MBrundleF1 @therealdcf1 pic.twitter.com/o2bKivL1

Freelancer Kate Walker said this during the race:

@F1Kate: SAFETY KAR!!! <<<See what I did there?

@F1Kate: Anyone else out there keep forgetting this is F1, not BTCC? They’re a bit smash happy tonight…

What everyone else has been saying:

Kovalainen’s girlfriend was trying to stay awake when she arrived in Singapore:

@KataHyde: Is anywhere (eg a mall) open 24hrs in Singapore to wander around to keep me awake until 4am so I can stay on European time???

This is what Marc Priestley had to say:

@f1elvis: Staying on Euro time in Singapore’s not always easy. Locals, hotel staff & guests go about normal daily routines which is NOISY! #f1

@f1elvis: ..of course, I’m sure some locals going about daily routines won’t appreciate NOISY #F1 cars tearing round streets late into night either!

That’s it for this week’s F1 Timeline. Join me again next Sunday for more from the teams, drivers and media…

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