F1B Downshift #2 ~ Derek Daly

Our Guest is Derek Daly for F1B Downshift episode #2. I must say that Derek was one of the most pleasant men I have spoken to and as gregarious as you will ever find. Our conversations pre- and post recording were delightful and he is a charming personally as he is professionally. you can find out more about Derek at these web sites:

Dereks’s official web site here.

Derek’s Road course design company here.

Conor Daly’s web site here.

Derek’s book here.

* I apologize for the phasing of the audio in the first part of the podcast. When using Skype over the cloud, you can expect some errant behavior (actually you don’t expect it but it’s not shocking when it happens). We lost connection with Derek several times and he was incredibly patient and generous with us. The audio evens out in the second half of the interview and I know you will really enjoy Derek’s time with us.

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