F1B Downshift- Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke

In this episode of F1B Downshift I participated, along with Charles at The Humble Mechanic, in a call with Shell’s Chief Scientist of Mobility, Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke. Dr. Warnecke is an amazing man who had a large role to play in revolutionizing the world of motorsport through the 24 Hours of Le Mans and is also the recipient of the Professor Ferdinand Porsche Award in Automotive Engineering.

He’s a delightful guy and a real joy to speak with and I think you’ll find his view of the future of mobility and what Shell is doing through research and creative development to address those visions including mobility research, energy alternatives as well as fuel and lubricant development.

As fate would have it, he was calling into our conference from the IMSA TUDOR United Sportscar Championship race in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas. Charles and I ask him several questions about the future of mobility and even that rumored lack of passion for cars and motorsports in general. I hope you enjoy the discussion.


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