F1B Downshift: Steve Matchett on 2014 regulations

The 2014 regulations are some of the most sweeping changes to hit Formula 1 in decades. Engines, gearboxes, wings, energy recovery systems and more all congeal to challenge the engineers, designers and mechanics of F1 more than ever. The FIA’s goal is to make Formula One as road-car relevant as possible and these regulations are a direct effort to do so.

The regulations will present incredible difficulties to the teams as they set forth to design their new cars and While I am no expert on such matters, I’ve enlisted the help of my very dear friend to help us understand just what this could mean for F1.

You may have read his books or watched his broadcasts on SPEED and now NBC Sports and many of you will know that Steve Matchett is a championship-winning mechanic with the Benetton F1 team with Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher in 1994-95. Steve Matchett has become a singular voice of F1 in North America and it gives me great pleasure to present this F1B Downshift on the 2014 regulation changes from Mr. Matchett’s point of view. Enjoy.

Matchett Steve C600

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