F1B Staff Picks: Australian GP results

Much like Kevin Magnussen’s impressive first race in Formula One, Mark has made a similar impact in the first round of the 2014 F1B Staff Championship. Along with Todd, Paul, Dave, Jake and Tom, Mark correctly chose Nico Rosberg to take the top step of the podium in Australia. Add to that correct picks for Button in 3rd and Alonso on 4th and one of F1B’s three rookies picked up a cool sixteen points.

Paul also picked up Alonso for 4th, moving him into sole position of 2nd. Unlike the first round of last season when they both went scoreless, Grace and Tony each also picked up those three points for Alonso. Thanks, Red Bull! Laura and Andrew are continuing where they left off last year with a couple of goose eggs, as did JP. But if it’s any consolation, Grace and Tony did finish the 2013 Championship in 1st and 2nd by year’s end! So keep your chins up and your new fangled 2014 F1 noses down and we’ll see you again in Malaysia.


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