F1B Staff Picks: Bahrain GP

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With five of eight staffers picking Fernando Alonso for the win, Tony and Grace’s choosing Vettel to take the victory made them look like those strange, goth kids who sit lonely and alone in the corner of the high school cafeteria. But even the outsiders sometimes have their day. Just a couple of short races ago, Grace was floundering at the back of the field with no points to her name.

Now after back to back races with massive points hauls, she sits 3rd in the F1B Staff Championship, having taken both the more talented of the two Red Bull drivers to step atop the podium, as well as the Kimster for 2nd. Also picking up nine points for Der Seb’s win, Tony moves up from 7th to 9th. Though pointless this week, Andrew maintains the lead while Laura moves up to just three points behind, having picked LewHam for 5th. Paul and Chris each picked up those same two points, while Victoria also gained two with Vergne as First Out. With another three week break ahead of us, both the teams and the staffers have some extra time to fit their new aero bots, have a cup of tea and hunker down for the European leg of the season.



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