F1B Staff Picks: Belgian GP results

It seems that the gods of bizarre Spa have once again smiled upon us, leaving F1 fans around the world shaking their heads and wagging their fingers. However you see the contact between Lewis and Nico and wherever you feel the blame lies, if any, the really important matter is that J.P. has once again stepped into the lead of the F1B Staff Championship!! Of course, he had to cut across Tony’s nose to do so, but his teammate plans to tattle to Todd and, hopefully, the results will either be amended soon or J.P. will receive a reprimand from the big boss man. But seriously, Along with Mark, J.P. regained the top spot via correctly choosing both Nico for 2nd and Bottas for 3rd.

Mark’s ten points moved him from 9th to 8th while Todd made the big jump from 5th to 3rd by way of correctly picking Rosberg and Vettel in 5th. Laura also picked up those two points for Seb, putting her in a three-way tie for 4th with Andrew and Tom, both of who, along with Grace, Tony, Dave and Jake, failed to score this week. There are lots of good battles up and down the field here at F1B and every single point definitely does count!


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