F1B Staff Picks: Belgian GP

As with Vettel, so goes Grace.  That’s the story of the continually expanding points gap in the F1B Staff Championship.  And though it only increased by one point this weekend, Grace once again outscores the rest of the field by getting well out of reach of our DRS by the end of the first lap and then giving the lot of us the two finger salute ala Michael Delaney for the remainder of the race.

Well, I for one just hope that she gets booed while on the podium!   Luckily for the rest of us, the 2013 Belgian GP was one of the few times in the three season history of the Staff Championship in which all staffers scored, resulting in lots of movement up and down the field.  Along with Grace, Todd, Paul and Tony all picked the German for the win, while our own championship leader also got points for the Mercedes teammates in 3rd and 4th.

Paul did nearly as well, getting Seb, Lewis and Webbo correct for one less point than Grace, moving him up to sole position of 2nd place.  Tony drops down to 3rd while Andrew, one time Championship leader, slips to 4th.  Laura moves up a spot to joint 5th with Chris, while Todd and Victoria swap 7th and 8th.   And thanks to Romain Grosjean not getting the memo on F1B letterhead, there were no correct picks for First Out.  Or should that be “no correct Pics”?


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