F1B Staff Picks- British GP

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Following pre-season testing and even through the first seven races of the 2012 Formula One season, how many would have guessed that Fernando Alonso would become the year’s first two-time winner.  A fortnight later, who could have foreseen Mark Webber being the second two-timer?

Paul Charsley, that’s who!  The fancy yogurt eating British Californian scored the Big Nine points, vaulting from last to two plus unlast in the F1B Staff Pick World Championship standings.  Unlast?  That’s double plus good.  Yet another ramshackle, unpredictable Grand Prix sees very few points scored amongst the elite of F1 opinion.

With his pick of Alonso for 2nd, Mark jumps to that same position in our standings, while Laura’s choice of Vettel for 3rd also moves her up to that same spot, joint with Victoria.  Grace and Tony both went with Grosjean for 6th, each scoring a fine single point thanks to his fine run through the field.



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