F1B Staff Picks: German GP results

As suggested in the pre-race F1B Staff Pick Championship story, the predictions for which Mercedes driver would win in Germany was fairly evenly split, which would surely result in some movement up and down the staff field.  And with Rosberg’s victory on home soil, this is exactly what happened.  The only staffers who did not change position this week were Todd and Grace, though Grace did pick up thirteen big points, including the return of the Kiss of Death, to drastically reduce her last placeness.

But at the opposite end of the field, Tony has jumped into the top spot via taking Rosberg for the win, as well as Vettel and Alonso in 4th and 5th.  Tom picked up two positions with twelve points, moving up from 8th to 6th, while Andrew took eleven tics and moved into 3rd.  The big boss man Todd also picked up nine points for Nico’s win, but maintained his current position of 5th.  Mark, meanwhile, moved up a spot solely on correctly picking Massa as First Out!  Some good racing both on track and on paper this week.  Now we’re quickly off to Hungary, so we’ll see you in a week’s time.


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