F1B Staff Picks: German GP results

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Danke, Herr Vettel, for restoring normal service to the F1B Staff Picks Championship. Following a British Grand Prix which saw just three staffers combine for a grand total of six points, the 2013 German Grand Prix and Seb’s return to the top step of the podium gave four of nine staffers an additional nine points and helped to shake up the F1B points rather drastically. Though she did not pick up the win herself, Germany did mark the return of Grace’s Kiss of Death, as she nabbed two points via Massa as First Out, helping her to retain her Championship lead.

Tony, meanwhile correctly chose both the winner and the Kimster in 2nd, picking up a cool fifteen points and leaping from 5th up to 2nd. Scoreless Andrew and Laura, previously 2nd and 3rd respectively , dropped back to 4th and 5th, as Paul jumped to 3rd on the strength of Vettel’s win, while Chris and Todd each moved up a spot with Seb’s victory, the boss man taking an additional three points with Alonso in 4th. All in all, the Germany Grand Prix resulted in movement up or down by all of the current F1B players except for Grace, though she did increase her own points total. Though there is currently a seventeen point gap from 1st to 2nd, the difference between 2nd and 6th is a mere ten points. Roughly halfway through the season and things are getting very, very interesting.




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