F1B Staff Picks: Hungarian GP results

A very unpredictable Hungarian Grand Prix saw rain, crashes, varying tire strategies and quite possibly the easiest post-race math ever involved in the history of the F1B Staff Championship.  As has become the norm with the Mercedes teammates having one all but one of the races so far this year, the staffers have taken to choosing either Lewis or Nico for the win week in and week out.  So with Ricciardo’s somewhat surprising victory today, no one took the nine points for the win since…the last time Daniel won?  In fact, no one took points for Alonso’s second place, either.

Luckily, Grace did get four points for Hamilton’s third, though.  Okay, I’ll cut to the chase; the only points scored this week were for Grace and for Todd finally having Ericcson come through for him as First Out.  That’s right, folks.  Six points.  That’s it!  But, this did result in Todd moving past Laura into fourth place in the staff standings.  In fact, third through fifth are now separated by just two points,  There’s only a fourteen point gap from Andrew in third back to Jake in eight.  And Grace is now just two points out of Not Last Place!  That’s big news.  Heading into the summer break between now and Spa, the F1B staffers will all surely be vacationing in St. Tropez or riding motorcycles across the United States while their minds are never far removed from Eau Rouge and their next opportunity to belittle their fellow staffers.



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