F1B Staff Picks: Indian GP

There are some people who like to wear their hair a bit different, dress in ‘unique’ clothes, listen to alternative music and live paycheck to paycheck, even well into their adult lives. For whatever reason, they just have to be different, always trying to think and live outside of the box.  But then there are others who make the varsity team in high school, become prom king or queen, go off to college and eventually have a place in the ‘burbs with 2.5 children, a Cocker Spaniel and a fine European sedan in the driveway. Those are the same people who keep choosing Vettel for the win and racking up points week after week while the rest of us are still dreaming dreams of Alonso or either McLaren actually taking the fight to the now seemingly unbeatable Red Bull. So today’s lesson, kids? It’s cool to be cool, but it won’t get your far in the F1B Staff Championship of life.
Following the Korean GP, the Top 4 were separated by 8 points. With neither Mark or Paul, our previous 1st and 2nd place staffers respectively, scoring this week however, Todd jumps up from a 3rd place tie with Andrew to the top spot on the strength of picking both Seb for the win and Hamilton for 4th. Andrew, meanwhile, moves to 2nd having also picked Vettel. Laura’s pick of both Vettel for 1st and Massa for 6th move her up from 5th to 4th while Paul drops all the way from 2nd to 5th. Victoria improves a spot to 6th while a resurgent Massa…I mean Grace…continues to gain points after two straight winning picks. With the bottom three staffers now separated by just five points, the top five have only seven between them. I do believe that our title fight might be even better than the real thing.
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