F1B Staff Picks: Indian GP results

So now that Sebastian Vettel has won the 2013 World Driver’s Championship, should the rest of us go ahead and concede our own little title fight to Grace? I mean, unless Todd fires her before the end of the season so that he can put Pastor Maldonado in her seat, therefore ending her chances of piling up even more points on the rest of us, do any of us mere mortals even stand a chance to catch her? Well, as the old saying goes, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. She may be hard to catch over the final three rounds, but nothing is impossible.

Grace did pick up an additional nine points with Der Seb’s sixth consecutive win, but so did Todd, Laura, Victoria, Andrew, Tony and Dave. Tony was this week’s big winner, though, closing the gap between 1st and 2nd from 45 points down to 40 by also correctly choosing Grosjean in 3rd and Hamilton in 6th. Andrew nipped past Paul into 3rd by not only picking Vettel for the win, but also taking the extra two points for vd Garde as First Out. Chris also took those two points, while Dave got four for Grosjean on the final step of the podium. They weren’t enough to keep Victoria back, though, as she relegated Dave back to last place in the running order. A bit of a mix up in the standings following India and now we only need wait a few more days to find out what happens in Abu Dhabi.


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