F1B Staff Picks: Japanese GP results

It’s honestly a bit difficult to find too much wit, attempted humor or excitement regarding the F1B Staff Championship following this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix. As with all F1 fans, our thoughts are with Jules, his friends and family and the Marussia team. In regards to our own race, JP did pull out a fairly sizeable lead over a scoreless Tony by getting the Mercedes duo’s finishing order correct, while Tony had gone with the opposite order, leaving him scoreless this week. Mark picked up those same points for 1st and 2nd, as well as Ricciardo in 4th, to move him up to 3rd in the standings. Quite possibly the best news to come out of Suzuka is that Grace, having been floundering in sole possession of last place since the second round of the season, has now moved up to a tie for last with Dave.


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