F1B Staff Picks: Korean GP

Following the relatively point-free race which was Japan, Korea was a welcomed relief for many staffers, especially with five of us picking Vettel for the win and the German Wunderkid coming through for the big points. Paul however, might have had the best points haul in the history of the F1b Staff World Championship by correctly choosing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th, moving him from 5th position to 2nd, just 3 points back of Mark. Our points leader correctly chose Vettel for the win, along with Paul, Todd, Laura and Grace, who picked up her first win of the season. Andrew’s only points for Buttons as First Out, dropped him from 2nd to a tie with Todd in 3rd, while neither Victoria or Tony scored any points this weekend. But back at the sharp end, what was a 12 point gap last week now sees the Top 4 separated by a mere 8 points!


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