F1B Staff Picks: Korean GP results

Could it be that early season points leader Andrew is mounting a comeback? Having only scored in two of the last eight rounds, Andrew put the hurt on the rest of us big time by taking points for all but two of the Top Six finishers in Korea, only missing out on Hulkenberg in 4th and Alonso in 6th. Luckily, every one of us bar Victoria went the safe root and picked up nine points with Vettel’s win.

Vic’s unfortunate lack of faith in the German wunderkind dropped her from 8th to last in the standings, as Dave finally picked himself up and out of the doldrums by not only correctly picking Der Seb, but also choosing di Resta as First Out. Meanwhile, Andrew’s massive 21 point haul vaulted him from 6th to 4th, leapfrogging both Todd and Laura. Otherwise, positions stayed as they were two weeks ago, but now we only need wait a few more days until F1 returns to one of the calendar’s great remaining circuits.


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