F1B Staff Picks: Malaysian GP results

As predicted by nine of eleven staffers, Malaysia turned out to be a Mercedes 1-2.  Fortunately and unfortunately, we didn’t all pick the same finishing order.  Five of us got it right, four got it wrong.  And Jules Bianchi scored six big points.  Well, for three of us anyway, via helping to take Maldonado out first.  And for those who are counting, Perez doesn’t count as First Out if he doesn’t start the race.  Paul took the lead this week via getting the Merc duo in the right order, as well as those two extra points for Crashtor.

Andrew was this week’s big winner, though.  Throw in Alonso to the same points Paul took, and Andrew leaps from last with no points out of Australia to second in the standings.  Meanwhile, Laura and JP also picked up their first points, putting all staffers on the board.  Todd, Tom and Grace, meanwhile, wint scoreless this week.  But, not we only have a handful of days to Bahrain and, with a resurgent Red Bull, this season may be a hard one to get right from here on out.



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