F1B Staff Picks: Malaysian GP results

Thanks to Sebastian Vettel’s flippant disregard for team orders, the nine points awarded for the German’s win, along with an additional four for correctly choosing LewHam for 3rd, helped Andrew leapfrog Laura for the top spot. , Meanwhile, those same nine points helped two F1B staffers, Tony and Mark, both picked up their first points of the season, moving them each into a joint three-way battle for 5th in the Championship with Steve. Laura did manage to pick up those valuable points for Hamilton’s podium spot, keeping her in a close 2nd in the standings, with Paul also correctly chose the Mercedes in 3rd, as well as Grosjean in 6th. Todd and Chris each moved up a couple of points with Massa in 5th, while Steve, Victoria and Grace all failed to score this week. It’s early yet, but seven of ten staffers are seperated by just eight points. After the initial back to back season opening races, both the real Formula One traveling circus and the overstuffed clown car which is the F1B Staff Championship get an early but much needed break before reconvening in China in three weeks. When everyone does come back together, will there be fisticuffs? If so, will it be between the F1 drivers or the F1B writers?


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