F1B Staff picks: Monaco GP results

You’re not going to believe this, kids.  It’s the feel good sports story of the year!  Sportscenter and Good Morning America have not yet caught on, so we’re going to cover it here first at F1B!!  Having finished dead last in the 2012 Formula1Blog.Com Staff Championship, our very own Grace is now leading in the 2013 points standings!  Talk about turning things around in the off season!  I’m so excited that I can’t even stop using exclamation marks!!  A sure sign of the apocalypse, you say?  Maybe, maybe.  But for the time being, Grace is now leading in the 2013 points standings!  Yet another somewhat unruly Monaco Grand Prix saw only two staffers score at all.  Grace picked up the nine points for Nico’s second career victory, while Chris tightened the gap to Tony in 5th by picking up six points for Vettel’s second place.  Other than that, the rest of the staff were either taken out by Grosjean or Maldonado!  Better luck in Canada, rest of us!!!!



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