F1B Staff Picks: Russian GP results

Nico Rosberg may not be out to ruin his own championship hopes, but it appears that he’s at least looking to take Tony down. Just three points out of the lead as recently as Singapore, Tony has failed to score in the last two rounds, while J.P. has picked up not only points for the win and second in both of those races, but the single point for sixth on both occasions, as well.

Mark, meanwhile, has come out of nowhere, jumping from 8th to 2nd in the space of three races! J.P.’s 32 point lead, however, is so massive that he could sit out the next round (J.P., SIT OUT THE NEXT ROUND!!) and still maintain 1st place, even if his competitors scored every available point in Austin. The battle for 2nd is very close, however, as five staffers are within 10 points of one another. Todd and Tom, tied for 7th, aren’t too far out of that fight, either. But, miracle of miracles, Grace is not in last place, a position she has steadfastly held since the 2nd round of the season! Does she have championship aspirations for the second year running?


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