F1B Staff Picks: Singapore GP results

What began as a relative snoozefest in Singapore turned out to be quite a scorcher over the last handful of laps. The F1B Staff Championship may not have been quite as exciting, but it did have Grace jumping out to a thirty-three second lead by the end…or was that a forty-two point gap? Either way, she is completely demoralizing the rest of the field much like Der Seb is doing on there in the real world. Once again this week’s top scorer, Grace not only correctly chose Vettel for the win, but also Alonso for second. Back in second but slightly widening the gap to third, Tony picked up points for Sebastien and Kimi in third.

One spot back, Paul got Raikkonen right, as well as Rosberg and Massa. Todd picked up nine points for the Red Bull win, therefore taking sole position of fourth while Laura moves up one place to fifth with a correct pick of Fernando. Unfortunately, Andrew’s lack of points scored dropped him two spots back to sixth, while Chris, Victoria and Dave all maintained their current positions by also failing to score in Singapore. So, though there weren’t many changes of position, there was a bit more separation throughout the staff member point totals.


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