F1B Staff Picks- The 2013 champion is?

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Ladies and gentlemen, what you have just witnessed was very possibly the greatest single season turnaround in the entire sixty-plus year history of Formula One. Okay, maybe at least the entire three year history of the F1B Staff World Championship. Having finished 8th and dead last in 2012, Grace spent her off season well, along with the extra funds supplied by Hugo Chavez, to all but completely demoralize her competitors in 2013. Our new champion took the points lead in the 7th round and was never heeded again, oddly enough making her the ‘winner’ of thirteen rounds this year, much like that one German guy who won the real thing.

The man who came next to last in 2012 was almost as impressive as Grace by coming in 2nd this year. Having been some fifty points back with eight rounds to go, Tony managed to lessen the deficit to just twelve points by Brazil, but it was just a little too late. Todd and Andrew finished in 3rd and 4th respectively, their exact finishing positions from last year, while last season’s champion, Laura, could only manage 5th this time around. Paul, who finished one spot behind Laura in 2012, would do the same in 2013 to come home in 6th. Newcomers Chris and Dave would end their inaugural seasons in 7th and 8th while Victoria would take the much celebrated 9th and final position.

Now with less than four months off before the 2014 season, will Grace rest on her laurels? Will Chris and Dave get their down time right and pull a ‘Grace & Tony’ next time around? Are Todd and Andrew content to remain perennial 3rd and 4th placers? All of these answers and more can only be found at one place…F1B. Happy Off Season, everyone!


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